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Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital: Bring Will Prenger Home

We need your help to get Will home. Will Prenger is currently under the care of a Brampton hospital and has been given very few weeks to live and just wants to come home to Burlington. Diagnosed with Linitis plastica - a form of stomach cancer in early 2012, he has undergone 4 surgeries, overcome multiple complications and managed to get through chemotherapy over the last year, but it looks like Will's biggest challenge lies ahead and who would have ever thought that challenge would be trying to get transferred to his homebase hospital who has the equipment and facility to care for him during his final moments. All Will wants is to be moved to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, the hospital where he was born and the hospital which is 15 minutes from his home so he can be near his family and friends. Ask yourself, if this was your husband, father, son, brother or husband, what would you do?
Please sign our petition and Bring Will Home...

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Petition organizer Brenda Jeppesen
Bring Will Prenger Home!

Will Prenger was born at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital and simply wants to end his journey there too.

In 2012 Will was diagnosed with Linitis plastica and has undergone 4 surgeries, overcome multiple complications and managed to get through three rounds of chemo over the last year.
It all started in Feb 2012 when Will started complaining of stomach pains and loss of appetite. Doctor’s quickly determined it didn’t look good. A thoracic surgeon in Brampton agreed to take Will’s case and started him on chemo and a feeding tube around mid-March. In June 2012 doctor’s removed Will’s stomach and in August he underwent another round of chemo. By mid-November Will was feeling better but by the time December checkup rolled around he was experiencing excruciating “stomach” pain. It turned out to be a bowel obstruction and he was rushed to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. Will went through another major surgery and the surgeon at that time said they saw now signs of cancer. That was good news. Will recovered well enough from the surgery to spend Christmas at home with his family and wife Monique. But by Feb 2013 `stomach` pains returned and he was having trouble eating. Again he was taken to Joseph Brant where a bowel blockage was discovered. Joseph Brant surgeon notified Will that there were no beds available and that his condition wasn`t severe. However that`s not what the radiologist concluded, it was severe and decided that it was most likely cancer. Will by this time wanted a second opinion and was transported to Brampton Hospital where he went yet again under the knife to clear the blockage. This is when it was discovered that the cancer had spread and was actually causing the blockage. Doctors gave Will 6 months to live. After the surgery Will experienced more complications and doctors said there was no option for the feeding tube this time around. Doctor`s decided to put him on a TPN unit and said realistically Will has 2 weeks to live. Well that was 6 weeks ago. Will understands the inevitable and at this point just wants to be home, home in Burlington and that means Joseph Brant Hospital. There`s only one problem, currently Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital has rejected Will's application to be moved. Why exactly - we don't know. What we do know is we want to help Bring Will home. Please JBMH hear our voices and prove to us that you live by your values "Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence". You have the power and opportunity to "Bring a resident back home", you have the power to "Bring Will Prenger Home!", home to Burlington, Ontario.

You have the power to make the last days of this man's life more memorable and a chance to live by your values.

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