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Please don't cut the trees on Northeastern University Campus.

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"One mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year [1]"

During the last two years several trees have been cut on Northeastern University campus for construction work or campus ambient redesign. Most of these trees were old, tall, and generous. They not only helped beautify the campus area and clean its air, but also they were home to many birds and squirrels. When you looked out the windows from inside the buildings, such as Snell Engineering, Egan Research Center and the library; you could see their green and shiny leaves in the summer, their colorful leaves in the fall and their fresh blossoms in the spring. But now it is just the view of buildings. 

By protecting the trees on the campus area, not only we have a beautiful campus with a cleaner air, but also we can preserve the life of the trees and the home of birds and squirrels. An eco-friendly approach that both respects humans and other living beings is better than the approach that only considers human's desire.

Please let us protect the trees and use our creativity to redesign our campus in a way that respect the lives of trees and their dwellers. 

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