Preventing accidents on Mountain Avenue between Kimball and Highland Ave in Westfield

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The bend in the road on Mountain Avenue between Kimball Ave and Highland Ave in Westfield is a dangerous place.  There have been three major accidents since July 2017 at this location, including a car careening down the driveway at 415 Highland Ave and ending up in the backyard of 329 Kimball Ave, a car crashing into the property at 403 Mountain Ave, and a delivery truck's gas tank being punctured by another vehicle.  Luckily, no serious injuries were reported for these accidents.  However, residents regularly use the sidewalks at this bend in the road and it is only a matter of time before children, residents walking home from work, walking their dog, or going for a jog are struck and killed by a car. 

The residents in this area request four things to be done:

  1. Install a guardrail that extends the entire length of the road between Kimball Ave and Highland Ave.  The existing guardrail oddly stops at the end of 403 Mountain Ave, leaving a wide gap that cars have careened through.
  2. Add additional measures to slow cars down before coming into this bend.  There are many options, including installing a digital speed sign that indicates current speed to encourage drivers to slow down
  3. Install signs that read "Drive as if your kids live here." 
  4. Increase enforcement of the speed limit

The above-mentioned accidents are only the most recent reported incidents.  The following link is a full accident report for the past five years.  The Westfield police department has 25 reported accidents on file in this short period of time.  

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