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DepEd: To regulate school staff for guaranteed quality education

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This project demands that the Department of Education and schools administration regularly monitor the school staff in their respective classes; whether or not they are really teaching; following the curriculum; and the DepEd grading system. It demands that the school administration assess their staff regarding each subject teacher's topic and screen each teacher annually or quarterly for the enrichment of each students.

As we've all known, teachers are professionals who educate and nurture children's knowledge, wisdom, and talents. They are one of those who are responsible for a child's success and the society's -- they are the foundation of our community, but in each school there's a crooked branch in its system; in each school there are teachers whom you cannot call as a teacher.

Our group's mission is to carry out a task that will recuperate educational systems in all schools to educate students better. Regulated monitoring and assessments will be operated to expand the present system of the school's teaching method. This project envisions a better quality education which will meet dedicated students' satisfaction when it comes to learning. It sees schools that are true to its mission to educate. It follows a fair teaching method and grading system with every class and not biased.

This plan will be able to lessen unfair gains, notorious actions, and acts of dishonesty in class which will help dedicated students in their studies to meet more opportunities inside and outside the school. It will also boost students self-esteem as they will not be degraded by teachers through their sectioning or flawed teaching methods (such as: just reading the texts on their presentations without elaborating or explaining any further, and giving any tentative samples for the students). Tuition fees will not be deemed as wasted as educators will become more obliged to teach professionally in their class, instead of just reading texts to their students or giving off the key answers for the examinations, etc. More students will be encouraged to go to college and study as cheating will be terminated for the teachers will be able to "teach" students well enough for them to avoid dishonesty. This will make the future graduates of our generation conquer the world wisely with a great cause that will improve our country.

Support and action from the government and school administration is needed in this project to guarantee and improve our country's educational system to enrich people and provide quality education.

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