Petitioning Los Angeles City Councilman, Dist.14 Jose Huizar and 2 others

Vote against Fifteen Group's Proposal to demolish the Wyvernwood Community.

Letter to
Los Angeles City Councilman, Dist.14 Jose Huizar
Los Angeles City Councilman, Dist.1 Gil Cedillo
Los Angeles City Councilman, Dist 12 Mitchell Englander
Vote against Fifteen Group's Proposal to demolish the Wyvernwood Community.

Dear member of the Los Angeles City Council:
I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed demolition of the approximately 1,200 units of rent controlled housing at the Wyvemwood community. I oppose replacing this historic garden community with 4,400 units of housing. The tenants and surrounding neighbors will endure dust, noise, debris and exposure to toxic substances resulting from the proposed construction for a decade. Boyle Heights already bears the brunt of over-development including the convergence of numerous freeways, adjacent industrial areas and numerous other proposed development projects.
The Boyle Heights Community cannot support the proposed increase in density. The increase in traffic alone will choke this already overburdened community. The loss of rent-controlled housing is also unacceptable. 660 deed restricted units for seniors are insufficient to house the current population. Rent control protects housing indefinitely. The promise to house 660 low-income people is temporary. Moreover, the likelihood of displacing current tenants is too great. The owner's claims to the contrary are legally unenforceable.
I support progress and development of our communities. What I am opposed to is the gentrification of our neighborhoods and historic communities.
For these reasons, I urge you to vote against Fifteen group's proposal to demolish and redevelop the Wyvernwood Community.

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