Hands Off My Home!!! Preserve Coconut Grove Property Rights

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Coconut Grove homeowners are under siege by a group that wants to change current zoning laws and strip us of our property rights, thus diminishing the value of our homes. For many of us, the investment in our property is our largest asset; we do not want to see that asset devalued. That is exactly what will happen if the City of Miami makes the changes that are being proposed by a small group of individuals.

We agree that there is a need to control the removal of trees in Coconut Grove but the remedy is not to make the drastic changes to NCD2 & NCD-3 that are being proposed. We bought property in Coconut Grove precisely because the individual has always had wide discretion here to design, build, remodel and renovate their home and do with their property as they see fit, within the realm of long-established zoning laws.

We do not want the City of Miami to dictate a homogeneous aesthetic. We do not want to see the drastic reduction in the size of the homes we have or want to have in the future. 

Let your commissioners know that you oppose:

Any increase in setback requirements. 
Any decrease in allowable buildable square footage on properties.

We do not need any changes or additional restrictions to our property rights.

The proposed changes will depress the value of older homes, depress new construction, and add other undesired property limitations. For example, it will make it virtually impossible for new homes to have garages or car ports - with wider setbacks, the 30% limitation on garages/covered parking becomes even more absurd.  So, please, Hands Off My Home!

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