Closing Happy Paws Grooming

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  An innocent puppy named Luca was killed by the hands of dog groomers at Happy Paws Dog Grooming in El Paso, TX, yesterday on July 08, 2020. He died from internal bleeding, as the vet confirmed it was from blunt force trauma. 
  I worked as a dog groomer at Happy Paws for 6 months last year. In that short time many unsettling, unprofessional things had happened all around me. One of the lead groomers, in particular, made me uncomfortable on several occasions. He would beat dogs when they wouldn’t cooperate, scream at them, scare them, and when I would step in defending the poor baby’s he rudely and aggressively would tell me, “Dogs don’t have feelings, they don’t have a soul. It doesn’t matter what happens to them. If they don’t listen and cooperate they’ll learn.” I went to my boss, Cathy Azzam, the owner of Happy Paws, every time this happened and explained my concerns and heartache about how these puppies were being treated. Every time she would defend him and say he didn’t do any of those things. I expressed many times I was very uncomfortable working with him and requested to not work with him again and she put me right back to work with him. She eventually turned on me too. It was my word against many others. I eventually started to be harassed, ignored about things I was uncomfortable with, living in anxiety every single day scared something horrible would happen again and there was nothing I could do, and absolutely terrified to go back to work. I began to be harassed every single day for sticking up for what was right. There was a time when a dog was severely hurt from being hit by one of the groomers, animal control and the police were called. When they came in to look at the camera footage it wasn’t there. It was deleted. Once I realized this place was corrupt and the puppies coming in were treated beyond poorly I quit and never looked back. I tried so many times to say something but every time nothing was done and it was covered up somehow. It was very clear in that short time that no matter what i said or how I defended myself or the puppies there, i was never heard. So I quit in order to get myself out of that environment.                        I will not be quiet after seeing what had happened to this poor, innocent, precious baby. This puppy was someone’s baby, someone’s life. I know this from being a dog mom myself. For something like this to happen to my own would be very heartbreaking and beyond infuriating. My experience working at Happy Paws can back up how Lucas family feels and what happened to their poor baby. My heart goes out to this family and I’ll be praying for their healing. If they take this to court I will gladly testify as an employee witness with my personal testimonies about this awful, horrifying place!

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