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             It is incomprehensible that the great city of São Paulo should still pay tribute to one of the greatest perpetrators of war crimes with a street named after him.  I am referring to the Av. Marechal Tito in São Paulo, named in honor of the former Communist Yugoslav dictator Josip “Tito” Broz.  The hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered by Tito’s death squads are calling from their recently exhumed graves for the city of São Paulo to deny this murderous dictator any future place of honor in its city.

            Clearly, the street was named in honor of the Communist dictator prior to his death in 1980, and before the facts were known concerning his regime’s practice of murdering political opponents that dared speak out against his brutal and murderous tactics over a period of almost forty years.  Certainly, city officials of São Paulo would not have named a street for him if city officials of the time had known the true facts concerning Tito and his regime.

            It was not until the dissolution of the former-Yugoslav regime in 1991, that the full scope of his brutal regime was discovered.  Previous to the Yugoslav dissolution, the citizenry was either kept ignorant, or were too afraid to speak of the atrocities committed against them by Tito and his Communist regime.  Even as of this writing, mass graves are being exhumed throughout the former republics of Yugoslavia - Croatia and Slovenia.  Many of the hundreds of thousands of victims discovered in these mass graves were citizens who dared to speak out against the very dictator that you glorify by naming Av. Marechal Tito in his honor.  Hundreds of them were priests and religious sisters representing the Catholic religion that Tito wished to exterminate during his almost forty-year reign of power.  The commission charged with exhuming the bodies knows the victims were murdered, because of the wires tied around their wrists and single bullet holes found in the back of the skulls of the exhumed victims.

            We strongly request, therefore, that the City of São Paulo remove the name of this former murderous dictator, Marechal Tito, from all street signs originally named in his honor, but which now serve to dishonor the residents of the great city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Michael Palaich
Producer of documentary Bleiburg Tragedy

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