Cancel rent payment till the COVID- 19 prevails for all international students

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A New Reality
Covid-19 is laying siege to our way of life. People are now fearful, and fearful people change their behavior. They have canceled vacations, are putting off trips to see family and friends, and are eating at home much more often. Businesses of all kinds are under pressure. Companies have canceled conferences, and many have cut back or eliminated all but essential business travel. Many employees have been told to stay home. Disneyland closes today and Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and the NBA have suspended their seasons. There will be no NCAA basketball tournament. Across the country, schools are closing. Just yesterday, I learned that my own school will be closed until April 20th. While Covid-19 is certainly a serious short-term concern for all of us, I believe it is highly improbable that we will tolerate this virus dictating our lives for very long.

The only petition/request we make to atleast cancel or wave off the rent till this pandemic is on fire and people are asked to be at home for safety, beacuse student allover the world work to fulfill his/her living expenses and major expenses is rent.