¡Salvemos a las mujeres y niñas que están en cuarentena con sus agresores sexuales!

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Anita Kanitz
Aug 6, 2020
"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent."
-Madeleine Albright

"Show me an abuse of women in society, I'll show it to you made sex in the pornography. If you want to know who is being hurt in this society, go see what is being done and to whom in pornography and then go look for them other places in the world. You will find them being hurt in just that way."
-Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is used in rape - to plan it, to execute it, to choreograph it, to engender the excitement to commit the act." [Andrea testimony before the New York Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in 1986]
-Andrea Dworkin

" If pornography is part of your sexuality, then you have no right to your sexuality."
-Catharine MacKinnon

" Men, permitted to put words (and other things) in women's mouths, create scenes in which women desperately want to be bound, battered, tortured, humiliated, and killed."
-Catharine MacKinnon

"Pornography is now beyond anyone’s control. It’s a classic example of ever-controversial unregulated capitalism — the market automatically responding to individual needs and desires. I continue to support and defend pornography, which I believe exposes the deepest, darkest truths about sexuality."
-Camille Paglia

“It is not a single crime when a child is photographed while sexually assaulted (raped.) It is a life time crime that should have life time punishments attached to it. If the surviving child is, more often than not, going to suffer for life for the crime(s) committed against them, shouldn't the pedophiles suffer just as long? If it often takes decades for survivors to come to terms with exactly how much damage was caused to them, why are there time limits for prosecution?”
― Sierra D. Waters, Debbie

“The rape of a child is a violent act of contempt, not an expression of sexuality or affection.”
― Mike Lew, Gay Men and Childhood Sexual Trauma

"We are very close to death. All women are. And we are very close to rape and we are very close to beating. And we are inside a system of humiliation from which there is no escape for us. We use statistics not to try to quantify the injuries, but to convince the world that those injuries even exist. Those statistics are not abstractions. It is easy to say, Ah, the statistics, somebody writes them up one way and somebody writes them up another way. That’s true. But I hear about the rapes one by one by one by one by one, which is also how they happen. Those statistics are not abstract to me. Every three minutes a woman is being raped. Every eighteen seconds a woman is being beaten. There is nothing abstract about it. It is happening right now as I am speaking."
-Andrea Dworkin

" Women are socially disadvantaged in controlling sexual access to their bodies through socialization to customs that define a woman's body as for sexual use by men. Sexual access is regularly forced or pressured or routinized beyond denial."
-Catharine MacKinnon

"All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman."
-Catharine MacKinnon

What causes misogynistic thinking? New study finds link with early exposure to pornography !
Have you encountered a man with a sexist attitude? His introduction to pornography could be the stem, according to a new study.
Researchers from the University of Nebraska, U.S., conducted an experiment to determine how exposure to porn for the first time could shape a man’s views on masculinity and sexuality.

To do so, they handed out a 46-question survey to 330 undergraduate men ages 17 to 54. It was designed to measure masculine norms, and it included questions about the first time males saw pornography and whether or not it was an accident.

On average, respondents said they were about 13 years old when they were first exposed to pornography. More than 43 percent said it was by accident, 33 percent said they sought it out and 17 percent said they were forced. About 6 percent declined to answer.

After analyzing the data, scientists found that men who were exposed to porn for the first time at a younger age mostly agreed with statements that asserted male superiority.

However, those who were older when they were first exposed to pornography and had a “greater endorsement of Playboy masculine norms,” such as having multiple sexual partners.

“We expected that the younger the boys were when first exposed to pornography, the more likely they were to adopt playboy norms as well as norms of masculine power over women,” researcher Alyssa Bischmann said in a statement. “We don’t have a lot of theories that would explain this unexpected inverse relationship between pornography use and playboy norms.”However, the scientists did note that their experiment didn’t identify other factors, such as negative sexual experiences, performance anxiety, religiosity and frequency of use, which could be related to the surprising results.

Therefore, more research is needed.

“Future research,” the study said, “should also investigate outcomes of these relations by including measures of relationship satisfaction, wellbeing, and perpetration of violence against women, as these variables may be related to masculine norms and pornography.”

Pornography is the instruction to rape, sexual torture and murder and sexual femicide! There is not only fantasy in porns, there is the real humilation, rape, torture, mutilation and sometimes murder of women, girls and childs. That are heinous sex crimes, nothing more and nothing less.

Pornography is the prime example of hate crimes against women, girls and children. Pornography depicts a perverted and sadistic male sexuality that manifests itself in brutal humiliations, malicious rapes, sadistic gang rapes, dangerous and disgusting sexual acts, deliberate sexual mutilation and injuries to women, girls and children. Snuff porn goes so far as to torture the victims to death and bestial murder, the producers of male customers all over the world are paid for it, consider that snuff porn mostly affects children and babies.
Sexuality, as men seem to understand it since the time mankind exists, is joy in suffering, torturing and killing other people and there are not always female people who are affected, many victims are boys and young men.
For a lifetime I have listened to the complaints of girls and women around the world about what their partners mean about good sex. Today, many young men already have their BDSM suitcases with them on their first date and do not hold back with verbal and physical attacks if the unsuspecting young woman or young girl does not want to join in and do not want that kind of partnership and sex causing them big pain and humilation for the fun of men and boys. When I was a young girl (now I am 65 years) date rape and rape drugs were very common at parties and in discos. Group rape as a punishment for supposedly overconfident girls was also more than usual. Rape and sexual assault by partners, friends and husbands was so common that women and girls considered it normal. The same applies to daily sexual harassment and, in some cases, frequent rape at work. Nothing has changed to this day, on the contrary, everything has gotten worse. In the past, the young men dragged their girls to sex and porn cinemas, only to brutally rape them afterwards in lonely places and let them abused and often pregnant back. Today that happens in your own four walls when the men then unpack their BDSM tools and BDSM porn.
Although women and girls have had no orgasm during sexual intercourse since mankind exists and this has now been proven by many scientific studies, in many countries they are still genitally mutilated and forced to have underaged and dangerous painful childbirths, and in many partnerships daily sex and foreplay of pleasure and orgasm are part of it, otherwise the women and girls are insulted as not feminine, frigid, crazy and abnormal. Female lovers, hookers and porn stars are characterized by the fact that they submit themselves sexually, faking lust and orgasm and get paid for it. This is expected from wives and girlfriends for free. The lust of men is the pain of women. And, of course, in almost all cases, the men and boys disappear damn quickly when the girls and women become pregnant. Hot sex yes, maintenance for children and women, no.
And of course men worldwide resort to sex slaves in prostitution or sex slavery, famous examples are negro slavery, comfort women, the Arab enslavement of white girls and women, sexual slavery in colonies, the rape of female employees and psychiatric inmates, prison rape, still in the 19th In the 19th century, female factory workers, farm maids, domestic servants and nannies were raped by their superiors on a regular basis.
This culture of rape is still supported in all media, social networks, in films, music and books. Women and girls shouldn't line up like that, they are three-hole mares and nothing else and only for the pleasure of men. Men take their ugly sexual organs and their orgasm, which lasts a few seconds, so seriously that they even kill for it. For example, particularly bad the war rapes, e.g. in the Indian Wars by the American soldiers, in the American Civil War, in Nanking by Japanese soldiers, in World War II by Russian soldiers, in Vietnam and Korea by American soldiers, in the Yugoslavian War, in the armed conflicts and massacres in the Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq , Syria.
Then there is also corrective rape on lesbians and sex unwilling girls and women, particularly popular in Jamaica, South Africa, India, East and West Africa.

An Arabic woman saying goes, if you have a man in the house, you have an enemy in the house, that's more than damn true!

Without porn, the world would be a better place !

books about:

Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality /Gail Dines (Autor)
Astonishingly, the average age of first viewing porn is now 11.5 years for boys, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s no surprise that young people are consuming more porn than ever. And, as Gail Dines shows, today’s porn is strikingly different from yesterday’s Playboy. As porn culture has become absorbed into pop culture, a new wave of entrepreneurs are creating porn that is even more hard-core, violent, sexist, and racist. Proving that porn desensitizes and actually limits our sexual freedom, Dines argues its omnipresence is a public health concern we can no longer ignore.

Child Pornography: An Internet Crime/Maxwell Taylor (Autor)
Child pornography, particularly that available via the Internet, has become a cause of huge social concern in recent years. This book examines the reality behind the often hysterical media coverage of the topic. Drawing on extensive new research findings, it examines how child pornography is used on the Internet and the social context in which such use occurs, and develops a model of offending behaviour to better help understand and deal with the processes of offending. Detailed case studies and offenders' own accounts are used to illustrate the processes involved in offending and treatment.
The authors argue that we need to refine our ideas of offending, and that while severe deterrents need to be associated with possession of child pornography, a better understanding is needed of the links between possession and committing a contact offence. Only by improving our understanding of this complex and very controversial topic can we hope to deal effectively with offenders and with their child victims. This is a book which will become an essential read for anyone involved with offenders or victims from a psychological, judicial or social background.

The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm/Anne Koerdt
In this founding book/ article first published in 1968, Anne Koedt underlines the androcentric and heteronormative quality of the definition of women's sexual pleasure. The focus on vaginal orgasm and the disqualification of clitoral orgasm, supported in particular by Freud's psychoanalytic texts, thus dismisses many women as belonging to the «frigid» category. Women, encouraged to seek desperately for vaginal sexual pleasure, try to overcome a problem that does not exist but which can lead to «the ultimate degree of self-hate and insecurity». For Koedt, knowledge of the female body is concealed on purpose: the clitoris rehabilitation would lead to undermine men as «sexually facultative» and would represent, thus, a real threat against the heterosexual institution.
The sex lies for sexual enslavement of women and girls must have an end!

Cyber Sexy: Rethinking Pornography/Richa Kaul Padte (Autor)
In 1946, American judge Potter Stewart famously said, 'I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it.'
Over seventy years later, the reverberations of this sentence are still felt across the world. From proposed porn bans to religious morality to women's rights, the assumption is that porn has a single, knowable definition. But if one man's pornography is another woman's erotica is another person's sex tape, what really counts as porn? And who gets to do the counting?
In this alternative conversation around digital sexual expression in India, Richa Kaul Padte takes readers on an intimate tour of the sexy internet. From camgirls to fanfiction writers, homemade videos to consent violations, Cyber Sexy is an unflinching deep dive into the messy terrain of what it means to seek out pleasure online. The question of whether or not something counts as porn is, ultimately, left up to the reader. After all, you'll know it when you see it, right?

Sexual Enslavement of Girls and Women Worldwide/Andrea Parrot (Autor)
They are in different countries but share the same hell. Maria is one of 14 women lured from Mexico to Seattle, Washington, with the promise of a job, then held by force in a brothel and required to sexually service men 12 hours a day. Anna is a young mother from the Ukraine who left her husband and children there to take a job as a housecleaner in Italy, where she was put in a barred, guarded house and forced into prostitution. Nadia is an 11-year-old girl in Africa, kidnapped and forced to have sex with a militiaman daily, with a machete ever ready nearby should she refuse. All three women are part of horrific sex slavery that has drawn the attention of officials in countries around the globe. It is not rare; officials say it is increasing, at least partly due to the billions of dollars it brings in for organized crime. The U.S. State Department estimates 800,000 victims, mostly women and children, are trafficked for sex trade across nations each year and millions more are trafficked within countries - including the U.S., Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands. As a Seattle Times reporter explained when Maria's case hit the news there, the reality is that sex slaves for the most part are young women and teenaged girls who come from almost every one of the world's poorer countries and end up in almost every country where there is a combination of sexual demand and money. But they are also in undeveloped Africa, in prisons internationally, locked in forced marriages, or sold to men by parents.

In this book, Parrot and Cummings outline the scope and growth of the sex slave market today and explain the history with various elements - including economic, political, cultural, and religious - that make this trade difficult to fully expose, quell, combat, and shut down. We hear from girls and women around the world describing how sexual enslavement has tortured them physically, emotionally, and spiritually, whether they suffer at the hands of prison guards in Turkey, criminals in Washington, or buyers dealing with parents who sell their daughters for the sex slave trade in Greece, Belgium, or France. The authors also describe national and international efforts and legislation passed or in design to stop sex slavery. Successful countries and regions are spotlighted. Then Parrot and Cummings point out actions still needed to stop the sex slavery trade.

An Affair of the Mind: One Woman's Courageous Battle to Salvage Her Family from the Devastation of Pornography/Laurie Hall (Autor)
Although this book is written specifically for women whose husbands are involved in pornography, this book is not exclusive. It is for any woman (and man) who has despaired in their marriage. Laurie not only points to, but fully illustrates from her own experience the true source of life, God. No marriage can be what it was truly meant to be without God since it is God's institution and very great concern. I recommend this book to ANYONE who is married, or considering marriage. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it is superlative. Laurie was profoundly changed by her experience, but her response to her experience with God's enablement, has allowed her to write a book which when put into practice, i.e. going to the only one who is capable of truly helping you, God, can profoundly change your life as well.

Pornography: Men Possessing Women/Andrea Dworkin (Autor)
Men Possessing Women is a 1981 book about pornography by the anti-pornography feminist author and activist Andrea Dworkin, in which the author argues that pornography dehumanizes women and that the pornography industry is implicated in violence against women.
She outlines the power of men as: 1) a metaphysical assertion of self; 2) physical strength; 3) the capacity to terrorize; 4) the power of naming; 5) the power of owning, 6) the power of money; and 7) the power of sex. The "metaphysical assertion of self" is described as a subject position. Dworkin suggests that men occupy a powerful subject position that is protected by laws and customs, art and literature, documented in history, and upheld in the distribution of wealth. Men have this self (an “unselfconscious parasitism”) and women must, by definition, lack it. The first sign of his parasitism is in his relationship to his mother. He then transfers this to other women in his life and uses women to enlarge himself. Men also have the power of physical Strength. This is not the same as being muscular or strong, but it is the right to physical strength. The capacity to terrorize is the metaphysical assertion of self plus strength which creates fear in a whole class of people (men over women). This happens through rape, battery sexual abuse, and the use of prostitutes. This behavior is idolized in movies about heroism, war, and glory. In TV, literature, books, drama this story plays out. Men's acts are huge and awesome even when villainous and women become the prize. The power of naming means that men have the ability to define experiences and this is upheld by force. As an example, men name women as “weak” and then further weaken them with preferences and standards of beauty that leave women mutilated and stunted. The power of owning refers to husbands' ownership of wives and fathers' ownership of daughters. This ownership is natural as he is the “one who takes.” Once he has had, it is his. Men also have the power of money. In the hands of women, money buys things, it stays literal. Money in the hands of a woman is sometimes evidence of something foul: unwomanly ambition and greed. For men, money buys women, sex, status, dignity, esteem, loyalty, and all manner of possibility; it brings qualities, achievements, and respect. Money in the hands of a man signifies worth and accomplishment. Wealth of any kind is an expression of male sexual power. Lastly, Dworkin suggests that men have the power of sex although they assert the opposite. The carnality of women is said to be the defining characteristic of women. Women have sexual power because the erection is involuntary and a woman is always the presumed cause, therefore the man is helpless and the woman powerful. The male reacts to a stimulus for which he is not responsible. Whatever he does, he does out of a provocation from a female – she is the temptress. According to Dworkin, men force women to become that thing that causes erection and then holds himself helpless when he is aroused by her. His fury when she is not that thing is intense and powerful.

Lace Lust & LIES: Our shameful affair with the Porn Industry / Aaron Jones (Autor)
The Author exposes the history of, and the expansion of the porn industry into the huge money machine it is today. He looks at porn's effect on families, our churches and the nation as a whole. Shares what The Bible says about these issues. Then offers a Bible solution (forgiveness, deliverance, etc.) to those caught up in porn.In a little over 60 years, we have went from banning the Bikini in public, to now today, various media outlets plaster near naked bodies all over magazines, posters, and billboards. Not to mention the millions of porn tapes, DVDs, videos and internet sites that are daily pumping out across the airwaves full nudity and every perverted sex act one can imagine (including child porn, beastiality, incest and rape). Is porn a problem at your house? It is for MILLIONS of people currently caught up in its dark destructive trap.This rapid downward social spiral, seems to prove we have lost our moral compass and no longer have any sense of decency. Fact is, we are on the brink of a complete moral and social breakdown. Many historians and theologians believe God destroyed whole cities and nations for the abundance of their over-indulgences, perversions and sexual sins, e.g., Sodom, Gomorrah, the Canaanites, Pompeii, etc. And some even think the Roman Empire itself was judged and removed by the Almighty because of their carnal appetites.Many will scoff or even laugh at such a statement, while totally ignoring the Creator and what He says about decency, marriage, men, women, sex, sin, society and the judgement to come. The masses may not like it and some may even reject it, but THE TRUTH remains, the only lasting solution to this dilemma is still found where it always was; in the pages of The Holy Bible.

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Soe Espinosa
Jul 5, 2020

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Dominique Riego
Jun 26, 2020
Firmó porque, no aguanto más a los hombres machistas retrógrados que creer que son hombres pueden hacer lo que sea con las mujeres. Quiero que todo esto pase, y que nos dejen en paz. NO SOMOS UN OBJETO.

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Isabel Escobar
Apr 30, 2020
Isabel Escobar

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Giana Celeste Rosas Muñoz
Apr 28, 2020
Las políticas de Estado deben priorizar la prevención de esta situación. Es un problema social por lo tanto debe invertirse en ello. Prevensión y sanción!!!

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María Jesús Balladares Vargas
Apr 27, 2020
Creo que las mujeres y niñas necesitan recibir más protección del Estado

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Maritza Indiveri
Apr 27, 2020
Firmo la petición porque quiero que esas niñas y jóvenes pasen la cuarentena separada de sus agresores

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Rommy Balabarca
Apr 27, 2020
Ya son 150 violaciones sexuales las registradas durante la cuarentena, 94 de ellas corresponden a menores de edad. Es necesario pedir a viva voz que se proteja a esta población en albergues especializados.

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Mikael Anchorena
Apr 25, 2020
Es su propio derecho como humanas de vivir seguras y con protección en su sociedad y país. No podemos permitir que los violadores tengan luz verde de seguir cometiendo estos crímenes, haya una pandemia o no. Se busca un lugar (el cual sin duda debe de existir.) para protegerlas de ambas pandemias (del virus y de los violadores)

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Facundo Fotia
Apr 23, 2020
basta de violencia