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Many Welby parents and faculty are frustrated with the changes the district is making to the school boundaries and schedule once again. Last year the district made changes to the schedule without input from Welby Community and faculty.  This is our chance for our voices to be heard. Please consider the following;

1 - Sign this petition and share with all your neighbors/friends who are not happy with the options in the survey and/or would like a new survey addressing the issue of overcrowding and student capacity at Welby Elementary.

2 - Submit/re-submit the district survey to leave a comment that you would like the option for Welby Elementary to go year round to alleviate congestion and provide a better learning environment for students.

3 - Most importantly, we need a strong show of support on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers South Campus (Board Conference Room), 12723 S. Park Avenue (2080 West), Riverton.  This is the last organized meeting in which we have the chance to propose an alternative to the boundary options.  They have specifically asked that those in support of this new change be present at the meeting and stand in support.  If there is not a significant attendance, our proposal may not receive much consideration. I know many have conflicts with the choir, band, and orchestra concerts taking place the same night. If you are unable to make it, please send an email to letting him know your thoughts and feelings regarding the boundary and schedule changes.

If you are able to go to the meeting, they are allowing patrons to sign up to speak to the board just prior to the meeting. They allow 3 minutes for individuals, and 6 minutes for someone speak for a group. Consider signing up to speak to the board about your opinions and thoughts! If you can, wear Welby shirts or red to support our school!

Eastlake Elementary parents currently have a petition requesting the district to create a new option that would send even more students to Welby than any of the current options presented by the school board. We need to find solutions to accommodate the number of students we already have, and not receive more students. 

Things to consider in regards to the number of students currently housed at Welby Elementary

Jordan district currently claims that our school is 150 students under capacity. In a recent school board study session, Dr. Anthony Godfrey, Associate Superintendent, stated that the district could take 2 of our portables away if the district needed them at another school. This means even larger class sizes in already cramped classrooms.  

Other schools with the same floor plan have a considerably less student population.
Majestic Elementary- 530 students
Monte Vista Elementary- 825 Students
Riverside Elementary- 750
Rosamond Elementary- 800
Southland Elementary- 820
Terra Linda Elementary- 578
West Jordan Elementary- 550
Westvale Elementary- 700
Welby Elementary- 942

The next closest school in student population with the same floor plan as Welby is Monte Vista, with 825 students. That is a difference of 117 students!

Welby Elementary was originally an open classroom concept that has since been converted into individual classrooms. Since the school was made into classrooms, several classrooms have been added or combined to make more rooms, in return, making smaller rooms with lower student capacity, especially compared to newer buildings.


Rooms 28 and 29 were once one classroom.
Rooms 10 and 11 were once one classroom.
A classroom was created in the library, decreasing the size of our library greatly.
Welby once had a music room just for music.
At one time Welby had a kiva for whole grade activities.

Welby’s student population in 2011 was 867, and in 2012 it was 846. During these years, the district mandated a year-round schedule due to high enrollment. This year we have 942. With the same number of rooms and portable classrooms,  why is it no longer a concern or requirement with almost 100 more students?

Since becoming traditional, Welby faces the following problems of overcrowding:

Speech Therapy is now located in the old Kiln room/closet.
The music teacher’s office is now in a converted janitor's closet, with no storage for music instruments or supplies.
The music teacher currently travels from room to room, with her supplies and keyboard on a cart. Classes have to take time to move all the desks in the classroom to make room for the music lessons that often includes movement. Not only is this counterproductive and time consuming, but it is also disruptive to surrounding classrooms as the music carries into other rooms.
Guidance services are in a small office that can fit no more than 4 students at a time, much less parents, teacher, and everyone involved in Special Ed IEP meetings.
Robotics Competitive teams have no storage or space to practice.
The after school program, Coding club  had over 200 students in last year alone, cannot be offered this year because there is not enough space or computers to provide this opportunity for our students.
Band has to rotate practicing in the library and in the computer lab.
Welby lost a computer lab that came out of Welby’s budget to convert from a classroom to a lab with custom computer desks built in.
35 desktop computers are now sitting in a storage closet at Welby since the loss of the computer lab.
During testing periods, lower grades go without computer time for 2 months while classes take standardized test online.
Behavior referrals to the office have increased.
More injuries have happened on the playground due to the large number of students playing on equipment at one time.
Rotations, including computers, P.E., Music, running time, and Library have been cut by 1/3 of the time.
Many classes lose P.E. time in order to accommodate grade-level activities, picture day, presentations, assemblies, and hearing/vision screening, due to no other common areas available.
Two classes share 3 tables during lunchtime, creating very cramped seating, which also has increased negative behaviors in the lunchroom.
Student seating during assemblies stretches from the front of the gym all the way back of the lunchroom, not only exceeding capacity for the two rooms, but also creating a safety hazard in the event of an emergency.
Parents are unable to attend assemblies due to lack of room in the gym/cafeteria during assemblies.
Reading and math aides must work with students in the hallways, or back teacher workrooms. Many times there are more than one reading group in each small workroom at a time.

We would like to ask the district to make concrete capacity numbers, taking into account the common areas. Welby is already sacrificing many programs and opportunities that are currently available to other schools, but that have been cut at Welby due to our high numbers and lack of space. Many feel that Welby is managing, but why manage when we can be flourishing. With even more students added to Welby, we will experience even more problems. We need to take a stand as a community, and support what is best for our students. Our students deserve more than just managing, they deserve the best!

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