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Stop the "Right" For police to kill our dogs

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Very recently a new law was passed that gave officers the right to legally execute any citizens pet that stood in their way in as stated in the article link posted below "The precedent has now been set. Cops can legally kill your dogs for the sole act of being a dog. If your dog moves, it is dead, if he barks, it is dead. If your dog does anything but sit silently in the other room, it is dead." to sum up the article there was a man suspected of harboring illegal drugs in his house. The officer Klein was executing a warrant on the Brown's house to search for the illegal narcotics suspected to be owned by a man named Vincent Jones. The man who was suspected to own the drugs at the house ended up being apprehended and caught before the warrant was executed. Nonetheless the officers still decided to search the house for the narcotics. Mark brown (the owner of the house) had no ties in this case but the house was still searched. Mr. Brown offered to open the house with his key without having the front door destroyed in the process but police didn't wait. Upon arrival in the house there were two pit bulls in the house. One dog moved a few inches as the officer stated after lying on trail stating the larger dog "lunged and barked" at the officer which justified a shot being taken towards the dogs. The dogs fled in terror of the loud gunshot to the basement where the officers followed in suit and killed the dogs for sitting in the basement silent since the officers thought was "innefective for the search." This whole case was given to the officers for immunity. Not only is the law being broken since the officers lied on trial, but they won the case. This law needs to be overturned and stopped. Killing an innocent animal from fleeing from a house where the suspect was already caught is not okay. I know for sure if my dog (his name is beau and he's a German Shepard and husky mix. Sweet as can be and although he makes a lot of messes he wouldn't hurt a fly. He loves everyone and gives too many kisses) was shot by officers I would be doing everything in my power for justice. Help me overturn this law and make this inexcusable. Our pets are our family. Killing a family, domesticated animal when the owner of the house was willingly going to open the door will never be okay. With your help we definitely can get this overturned. 



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