Joran van der Sloot keeps the Marriott on the leash!

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"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled" ~ Mark Twain ~ The following information will reveal a big cover-up of more than a decade! For 13 years the world wants Natalee Holloway to be found, so even a vague lead, anonymous tip, or wild speculation was investigated. But an eyewitness who knows excactly where the body of Natalee Holloway is hidden, is all of a sudden not taken serious...?!   In 2013 my request for investigation was denied only because I guessed in the darkness the difference in length between Joran and Natalee wrong by just 4 in/10 cm! This reason for refusal is so ridiculous, and unjust that it confirms that some want to ensure Natalee never is found! My request was turned down again in 2015, this time because the Marriott said construction started in August 2005. That is absolutely untrue, and this photo of June 2005 is solid proof work began previous to that month. So why then was there a stop from the start of June till the end of July 2005, and why would clever businessman Mr. Marriott make such a not so smart decision that meant the loss of lots of his money? The right answer seems too absurd, but is really the only logical reason left: to ensure nobody was on that site present to notice the smell of a decaying body! Dave Holloway, in desperate search for his daughter, did detect this foul smell himself though, but when he wanted to do some further investigation the gate of Marriott remained locked even to him! But what would be the motive of the Marriott to try to cover-up Joran's crime in the first place? Well, you have to know that he confessed of blackmailing people: , and the photo at the top, taken in the Marriott, shows us one of his victims: Jimmy Rock, the son of the head manager, involved in wild sexparties, pornfilming, and God forbid what more! The motive of the Marriott to cover-up Joran's crimes is quite evident now: to protect image, and prevent prosecution! Joran's secrets are so dark that he fears for his life, so he will not reveal anything. We therefore urgently request for an investigation under the Spyglass Tower so Natalee Holloway can be found, and her family finally will have closure. Please sign this petition so Justice can prevail! 

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