Stop production of laptops is made only under Windows 8/10.

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In the ASUS line of laptops went on sale laptops in which you cannot install another operating systems,released early 2012- they supports only Windows 8/8.1/10.Even Linux,except Ubuntu will not install on it.About the os limitation that did not said the consultants in the shops do not wrote on the box of the product and I buy one of these laptop x751md model.This is what I learned in tech support,when I tried to install windows 7 with a license disk then tried with the torrent,following the instructions from the Internet,but flew blue screen with the error 0x000000a5 "The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant".

"Laptop models 751MA and 751MD doesn't support installation of Win7,XP,(and older) and in the future support is not planned."- wrote in tech support .Perhaps,not only ASUS these laptops will be coming prodavt and other large firms.You can continue to use Windows 8/10 but  large part old programs and games not work properly and many features of Windows 7 is not enough in new system's.

On many laptops from other companies have a Legacy mode OS ,allowing you to choose any operating system that is compatible with the components of the laptop.On this model of laptop it is not(although on the model x551ma,slightly different from this,his is have).

I demand that ASUS stopped producing laptops with the restriction of installation of os,and has already been sold to patch UEFI BIOS c Legacy OS,as was done in the model x551ma.

I believe that the user has the choice of what operating system it run on your device and the manufacturer should not deprive or restrict this right.Or warn about it before the purchase,on the box.