Get SeneGence to Place a Recruiting Freeze Until Stock Issues Improve

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SeneGence has amazing products and as such everyone wants to get their hands on them and be part of this amazing company.

The huge growth experienced by SeneGence in the last 4-5 months has created a huge Out of Stock issues for its current distributors. 

With thousands of new distributors joining every week the problem is worsening instead of improving.

You can't send a mechanic out on the side of a bullet train traveling at 350 mph and expect him to fix it and that is what SeneGence is right now.. A bullet train at high speed. 

The only way to fix it is to slow it down and allow the company a chance to get ahead while serving their current distributors and their clients. 

I love SeneGence and I love the products.. That is why I am here and why I am working hard to build my business.  We all are! 

This isn't an attack or condemning their choices.. It is actually to the contrary. I feel that they have done great in trying to get out in front of this but it isn't enough with the continued growth.  The efforts need to be increased if we hope to ever get to a good place with stock and be sustainable.

I am sure it will get negative feedback from those who aren't looking at the big picture and want to look for the negative.. I accepted that when I decided to do this..

Being in this industry a long time one thing I can say with certainty.. I have seen great companies fail when they fail to stop and make the hard decisions needed to stabilize.

SeneGence is making money.. Lots of it! And I get the fear of backing off and turning away money.. BUT

It is sometime necessary to take a momentary loss in growth to create sustainability for the long term. It also reassures and builds faith in the distributors and those who join in the future that the company is committed to doing what is necessary to provide all distributors with access to the products they need & want for their customers and to build their business.

SeneGence is awesome! The products are fantastic! This isn't an attack on the company or the decisions they have made.. It is a request.. a plea to take it a step further as what they are doing just isn't enough to keep up.

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