Demand answers. Potential child abuse and civil rights abuses

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We, a social advocacy group of 1700 physicians in the United States, are writing this letter to express our concern for alleged harm inflicted on a child whose hair was reported to be cut off without his consent in his school by his school principal. Latricce Avirrette alleges that her minor child had his hair cut off at his principals office at North Jones Elementary School in Laurel, MS on 3-26-18, without consent of minor or mother. If this is true- as physicians, we are appalled at this nonconsensual action of aggression against a child- this would be tantamount to physical and mental abuse of a child. "The Child Abuse Preventation and Treatment ACT (CAPTA) defines abuse as a recent act or failure to act that results in death, serious physical or emotional harm; involves a child; and is carried out by a parent or caregiver who is responible for the child's welfare". Nonconsensual cutting of a child’s hair by a person in a position of power in a space that is supposed to be safe for children, is a traumatic event traumatizing for a child that can cause lasting emotional harm to the child. We encourage the school board and local authorities to take action to thoroughly investigate this matter including videotape evidence of the bus and school where the purported actions took place. If the allegations are found true, we further encourage the school board to ensure swift and appropriate legal and disciplinary action against this principal, as well as ensure that similar actions never happen in the future. Sincerely, Physician Women SOAR