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Request New Antibiotics Targeting Chronic Lyme / PTLDS from Pfizer

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Existing antibiotics are helpful but not generally curative of Chronic Lyme as defined by the ILADS ( case definition ( A large number of people, including many children, are suffering from Chronic Lyme now and many of these people are disabled or leading less productive lives. We desperately need help and after 40 years of neglect from the CDC, NIH and IDSA there's no good reason to believe these organizations will even listen let alone respond to our crisis. It's time to stop petitioning these do-nothing government organizations for help and instead go directly to Big Pharma for help in finding a cure to restore our lost lives (as suggested by Dr. Stricker in this video We can and should petition other drug companies, but this particular petition will go to Pfizer. Please sign it and pass it along. We need to show how many people are affected so Pfizer will understand there's a market for a cure. Thank you.

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