Clinton Is Fed Up.

Clinton Is Fed Up.

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Dear Clinton Students & Faculty,  

As we all are aware of, Clinton has had a history littered with racial, sexist, and homophobic remarks, and students are fed up. One cannot learn in an a building where these people walk free and unpunished. Students are scared. I am so proud of the posters up and around the school. This is an amazing first step towards bringing justice back to our school. While awareness is always the first step, we must do more, and because of that, I am organizing this petition. If you chose to sign, you are agreeing to… 

1) Hold the administration responsible for their perpetuation of a toxic silenced culture by letting issues go unnoticed and unpunished 

2) Hold the administration responsible for the lack of recognition and attention towards current and previous incidents of injustice (i.e the blackface incident, the antisemetic graffiti, other discriminatory “jokes,” etc.) - Made in a homogonous, complicit enviornment

3) Continue with open discussions inside the classroom, in advisories, and in staff meetings 

4) Encourage faculty to hold assemblies, restorative justice circles, and additional methods to bring safety and peace back to Clinton 

5) Inform parents and students about pressing issues and incidents. 

6) Most of all, enforce fair, equal, and transparent punishments, no matter the individual. 

Privacy is important in situations like these, but so is working towards an environment where students of all colors, genders, and beliefs feel safe, and without recognition, this is impossible. Clinton has had enough, and if the administration does not respond to our voices, we will go higher (strikes, sit-ins, DOE meetings, staff reconsideration, etc.)

Thank you for your advocacy and we must not give up!