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Help Fight to Keep Live Music alive in Monterey: starting with Bull and Bear

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     As most of you are well aware, Monterey has always had struggles with the "powers that be" in regards to its music scene and nightlife.  Ironically, one of the most iconic concerts in history took place right here in our backyard!!  Even though this concert put Monterey on the map in a cultural sense, did great things for the city, and attracted a countless number of tourists, city officials still showed disdain and contempt towards what was happening.  Of course, I'm referring to The Monterey Pop Festival, and that was a long time ago. However, today marks a time very similar to what they were dealing with back then. Today, we must either stand together as a majority and community,  or let the select few continue to dictate their own agenda.  

    The "powers that be" that I am referring to are now attempting to systematically pull the rug out from under the many positives in our community.  The Bull and Bear on Alvarado Street has been the most recent target, and coincidentally one of the most popular places to go in Monterey.  Artists, musicians, tourists, locals, and many businesses will be the ones directly affected by the restrictions, ordinances,  and regulations they continue to pour on establishments like the Bull and Bear.  If they succeed with all of their regulations on one venue, you can bet a domino effect will be soon to follow.  We need to open the discussion with the city to take an educated approach when looking at the nearly forty year old, vaguely written, "blanket sound ordinance." In turn, they can rezone old and new downtowns to better reflect modern day, mixed use environments.  This will give businesses the greatest potential for success. 

The owner of Bull and Bear, Anthony Buich, has gone above and beyond for local musicians.  Not only in treating musicians fairly, but also in giving us a platform in which to be heard.  Our band, Jon Griffin and The LightFighters, owe a great deal to local venues like the Bull and Bear for allowing us to hone our songwriting and original music at their venue.  This has lead us to performing at major U.S. festivals, going on national tours, and performing with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and Grammy Award winners.  Anthony and the Bull and Bear have played a vital role in getting us to that point.  We would be seeing less and less local artists able to go on to greater heights without the support of places like these.    

 Now is the time for all of us, as members of this community and beyond, to take a stand for what is right.  This city has the potential to be a great place for thriving businesses, encouragement of the arts, a legitimate music scene, and life-changing live music.  Only we as a united majority of people can make it happen.  Please  sign this petition for positive change and support your local businesses and music scene!!!

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