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Cambridgeshire CCG are planning to cut community services due to lack of funding.

These include STP funded teams such as JET who provide advanced assessments to patients in their own homes and the following services;

The Stroke Association;
The Alzheimer’s Society;
The Carer’s Trust Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, Norfolk;
The Health and Wellbeing Network;
The Evelyn Community Head Injury Service;
RSS Ophthalmology;
Evolutio – ophthalmology;
DMC – dermatology;
Oliver Zangwill (a brain injury rehabilitation centre); and
The joint emergency team.

Today the CCG decided to postpone their decision to cease these services due to the amount of information they had been sent over the past 48 hours from the services involved regarding the valuable work each service provides. This highlights the sad fact the CCG have no idea what each service already provides and their decision so far has been purely financial! 

Due to the amount of services due to be cut residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will be left helpless until alternative systems can be put in place. 

We all pay our taxes and contribute to our communities expecting services in our localities to be appropriately funded by a government who can easily afford it! 

Where has the sugar tax been reinvested? 

Our prime-minister has recently pledged billions overseas! 

We can afford this! And we should expect it!!

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