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"A lot of people are afraid to tell the truth, to say no. That’s where toughness comes into play. Toughness is not being a bully. It’s having backbone.
“My self-worth is not linked to your cruel words and action. My self-esteem is not affected by your deliberate attempts to destroy my character. You have no power over me. You will not silence me.”
-Anita Kanitz

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself."
-Harvey S. Firestone

Wenn we spoke about depression and suicide worldwide we must also speak about bullying and terror. Bullying is a crime and not a trivial offense. It destroys entire livelihoods, lives and families, leading to severe depression and suicides, social isolation and marginalization. Bullying is murder, a way of slowly killing someone. Two girlfriends of mine killed them in the teenage years because of school bullying and family bullying and abuse.
In alle cases the bullies are killing the souls and bodies of their victims and that hate crimes against humanity must have the greatest punishment on earth worldwide. We must have a worldwide bully registry of all ages, including supporters and juvenile killers of victims.
Bullying is a concept mostly investigated in children, teenagers, and adults within the workplace.
While there is research on bullying in college in general, gaps in the literature remain
considering how personality characteristics in bullies relate directly to psychopathy and specific
psychopathy traits. Although the literature suggests bullies have a tendency towards
psychopathic traits such as violence, impulsivity, egocentricity, manipulativeness, rule-breaking,
and intolerance, researchers have yet to assess the connection between college students who
bully and psychopathy. The research on psychopathy suggests that those high on psychopathic
traits may be more prone to use bullying as an apathetic means to acquire dominance and
influence over others in accordance to self-interest and personal gain. The current study seeks to
investigate the relationship between the factors and subscales of psychopathy using the
Psychopathic Personality Inventory (PPI-R) with respect to bullying behaviors (i.e., cyber,
verbal, and emotional/relational bullying) and status (i.e., bully, victim, and bystander) in a
sample of university students. Scores on bullying items are expected to have a positive
correlation with PPI-R total scores and scores on the three factors, whereas victim and bystander
responses are expected to have negative correlations. In addition, verbal, emotional/relational,
and cyber bullying responses are expected to be positively associated with the psychopathic
subscales and the three factors. Overall, the results provide continued support for the existence of
psychopathy variants in college samples. All bullying behavior subtypes were associated with
the three factors of psychopathy. Being a victim and bystander was associated with Self-
Centered Impulsivity. This study aims to raise awareness of bullying and subclinical
psychopathy within college settings, as it offers statistical evidence of the two.

Being bullied makes young people incredibly insecure: When you’re being bullied, you can feel constantly insecure and on guard. Even if you’re not actively being bullied, you’re aware it could start anytime. It has a big mental and emotional impact—you feel unaccepted, isolated, angry, and withdrawn. You’re always wondering how you can do better and how you can escape a bully’s notice. You’re also stunted because of the constant tension and because maybe you forego making certain friendships or miss out on taking certain chances that could actually help your development.
Stress has ubiquitous effects on physiology and the brain, alters levels of many hormones and other biomarkers, and ultimately affects behavior. Therefore, both a general understanding of stress during early adolescence and, where known, specific links between stress and bullying can provide insight into the enduring effects of bullying.
A number of studies have estimated the association between bullying involvement and suicidal ideation and behaviors.
Suicides, depressions and even violent crimes at schools and university are connected in nearly all cases with bullying.

One example: Our son was the victim of extremely malicious school mobbing. The offenders: classmates, the rectors, the class teacher and a subject teacher (evil buggers and bloody bitches). In all cases, nothing was done, on the contrary, the victims were accused, attacked, slandered. In my circle of acquaintances, almost all women and girls are victims of school-bullying and also victims of mobbing and sexual harassment in the workplace. I am myself a survivor of massive mobbing, bossing and sexual harassment in the workplace. These are not isolated cases, as is always told, that is the reality for most of us and that is a shame, Germany is a bully country, as my friends from abroad say.
Particularly bad cases occur around the world in school bullying. Many cases result in depression, dropping out of school, and suicide.

At his first High School in Stuttgart-Neugereut my son was terrorized by both headmasters, the class teachers and the majority of the male, aggressive and criminal classmates and also their parents who were bad bullies too. There was damage to property, evil slandering on the whole family, telephone terror, beatings attacks, death threats, school and examination material and books being destroyed, thefts, telephone terrorism, defamation and physical attacks on him, his friends and even my husband. The bullying criminals in this case were: the first principal Mr. Rolf Hagen, his successor Mr. Ralph Röhrig and his deputy Mrs. Sabine Klass, the class teachers Mr. Klaus Barthel and Mrs. Carmen Weidler, formerly Schmid, the classmates (the leading bullies and idiots) Lennart Löscher, Lukas Schmidt, Behar Hasanaj, Oleksandr Lapidus, Kevin Westenhöfer, Marco Schwarz, Robin Rück, Philipp Reckerth, Marco Seifert, Fabian Schorer.

I can only advise you not to argue with the criminals in such cases and to remove your child from school as quickly as possible. Several attempts to change schools failed because my husband and grandparents were believing a long time the lies of the class teachers and the principal bout the bullying. For a change of school it would have needed my husband's signature, which was missing in the case, until shortly before the exam, when the incidents became more and more life-threatening, my son moved to another school.

It was actually clear at that time to my husband and grand parents that something at this shit school was going extremely dangerous for my son and they took him to school and picked him up when possible. If, for example,, they were seen by Ms. Klass doing it (I often had the feeling that this bitch was actually lying in wait for my parents and my husband), Ms. Klass said that the worries were completely unfounded, everything was fine. Although my son was constantly threatened and robbed at school and on the way to school and his belongings were stolen. I mean, what kind of teacher and rector representative you are when you lie so outrageously. And how utterly stupid it is for grandparents and a father to abandon a child, and later a teenager, in such a situation. You really must have to have straw in your brain here, no doubt about it!

Of course, all of my son's friends were also labeled as liars and troublemakers because they reported the attacks to the school and a friend also testified to the police as a witness.
In the parallel class, my son had friends who even wanted to do exam projects with him, but Ms. Klass was against a change in this class because that would not be psychologically correct. The end of the story was that my son had to end up doing all the exam projects by himself because nobody in the class wanted to work with him. That's right psychologically, isn't it ... So this woman is so stupid that it hurts.

I kept describing everything to the state education authority, but these idiots said it was normal everyday school life. I just don't believe it, these are clearly criminal acts and they tell such nonsense!
Even with the local police there was only one complaint of theft in our house when two bullies broke in, locked my son in a room and then cleared everything out. After changing schools, we learned that the bullying principal had friends within this police force. The state education authority also presented a pathetic picture, saying that we had to do everything well with the school and that a change of school was not the solution. Yes, it is the only solution, dear idiots, because if the school supports a criminal system, according to the motto, there is no bullying at our school, only students and parents who cannot adapt, then goddamn it is the only way for the fastest change of school.
My son was one of many victims at this diabolical school and I hope that at some point the perpetrators in the school service will be stopped. Believe it or not, that principal makes still his mischief at this school.

My son successfully passed his exams at another school and he was also the best at the academy and in vocational training and is now working very successfully and well paid in an IT profession. But how much suffering we could all have saved ourselves if he had been able to change schools sooner, right?
Just don't believe the lies of the bullies, especially the school management and the teachers, they are mostly the worst bullies, like in this case. Here Mr. Röhrig and Mrs. Sabine Klass and Mr. Barthel let the bullies come to their office (Before the final escalation at this bullying school! ), what the school bullies knew against my son and the bullies were really happy to be able to spread their lies here with impunity. I think that was a very happy day for all bullies at this school, the bullying prinicipal, teachers and students. That then led to my son's leave before the exam or would you still want to be in a school every day with criminals?
After that, my son had no more problems. In his last academy he was very popular because he was the best one to help everyone with their technical work and has many friends from that time until today.

Incidentally, I heard that Mr Röhrig's deputy, Ms. Sabine Klass, a really scheming and devious liar is now at the Geschwister-Scholl-Realschule in Winnenden, where a school rampage took place a few years ago. Congratulations, this school couldn't have found a better psychopath!? Have there ever been suicides at this school, that I would just be interested? Because it was Ms. Klass who, after years of efforts to change schools, even a change to the much more social parallel class, where my son had friends, constantly torpedoed by telling, for example, mainly female other headmasters of by me contacte schools or the grand parents and my husband, that my son was overly sensitive and difficult, there was no bullying at all So that I was always told by other schools that it would be better if my son stayed at the school and let Ms. Klass support him. But this bitch did not support him, on the contrary. It is sad that such people remain in the civil service with high salaries and pensions with impunity in the school service and destroy young people's lives and children's souls for decades. It is absolutely pathetic that the State Education Authority has dismissed my longstanding complaints here too, the regret at the end of the bullying of this school of only one female contact person there is of no use if the perpetrators are always allowed to go on with terror and bullying! That means supporting a criminal system.

Of course, every bullying has its beginning. And it all started when we moved from Esslingen to Stuttgart. Our son was in good hands in the first church kindergarten and had many friends. But that changed quickly when he came here. Because the neighbors (the family Knisel/Titze/Offterdinger)Ms. Gisela Knisel and Ms. Daniela Titze (evil bitches), from whom we bought the property and built the largest and most beautiful house on site, immediately ran into the local kindergarten and viciously slandered us all, as we later learned from other mothers. Ms. Knisel and Ms. Titze are known here to this day as vicious gossips and scheming lousy subjects. They bullied my son and all of our visitors with children for many years. Her attacks were so bad that my son's friends, and even my female best friends, only came to visit through the garden entrance. It is of course not a hit when a Ms. Titze constantly shouts from the balcony that we are rats, have nothing to say and should finally disappear, and just as little when Ms. Titze and Ms. Knisel talk to all the visitors that they and their children shouldn't visit us, why they would be friends with us, we would be Pack. Oh yes, Pack thinks they know what Pack is. In this case it doesn't look like it or ..

Ms. Knisel also incited female tenants against us who no longer wanted to pay their rent and celebrated loudly with them on her terrace, for example it was the case with the rental nomad Roswitha Rueff and the psychopathic kindergarten teacher and her little son abusing tenant Bettina Zink. Both were really antisocial sluts of the worst kind. And both women had children in the age of 5 and 15 years, two nice boys, the poor children can only be said. We were happy when these two bullies moved out and we never had tenants like them again and understood very well why they had literally flown out of the previous apartments.

I can also congratulate the poor Croatian electrician who built Ms. Martina Offterdinger a house in Croatia and lets her live there. Because she has not distinguished herself through social engagement either, but like the rest of her whole great family Knisel / Titze / Offterdinger through the opposite. My son was constantly injured during the alleged games with the older Offterdinger boys. Once in the evening before a vacation in the Allgäu, Lars and Marcel Offterdinger deliberately knocked him over with their bikes. Frau Offterdinger insulted us as ass faces that should finally get out of the way, no sympathy for my crying and bleeding son. After the first aid we drove to the Allgäu anyway and then went to the doctor with my son, thank God the injuries were light, but the bleeding was heavy. The doctor in the Allgäu said, because my son was only 5 years old at that time, that we should move away as soon as possible. I heard that from many mothers in the area, all of whom were bullied away without exception, most of them only had living a few months here, so I found out on the parish square that there was a meeting place for mothers and children. Without the Knisel & Co. family, the bullying would probably have been less likely or less severe. Their constant agitation against the alleged Poland pack (my family) has triggered everything. And there you see how stupid these people are, because my family is not Polish, we are German through and through and our complete family tree can be traced back to the Middle Ages. But everything is fine with stupid racists and psychopaths!

Many visitors said we have neighbors where we should be scared. Right! Even in a good neighborhood there are psychopaths and not all are male! The grandchildren of Mrs. Knisel, Lars and Macel Offterdinger were even worse. They pretended to be friends of my son, literally besieged us, scared off his friends with threats, and when they visited, there were constant complaints from other people or property damage and theft from us. Once they threw stones from our garden at passing cars, another time they stole all of my son's Pokemon cards, and after that another time they pushed him down the stairs for fun. My husband always let them in, and I always tried to get rid of those awful children so that my son's real friends would have a chance to get into the house at all. As a result, my son was bullied by the later bullies, especially Lennart Löscher, and terrorized by the kindergarten teachers, the head of this Kindergarten until now was Ms. Monika Wirth-Able and her even worse Greek representative (real female assholes). His shoes and things were thrown in the toilet or doused with paint, he was jostled and laughed by the bullying childs and the Kindergarten women. The head of the kindergarten Mrs. Wirth-Able blamed him, the weakest and smallest child in this Kindergarten, and looked away at everything, while her Greek representative yelled at him, tore his pants and suspenders. Complaints at the youth welfare office and discussions yielded absolutely nothing.

We had to take him out of kindergarten as quickly as possible and everything was going very well again in the new church kindergarten. He was so popular there that he later completed his school internship there with the best marks and it was pointed out that he was particularly good at dealing with the small children and had great social skills. Later he made a second intership at a town office and here he got the best testimony too. How does that fit together with the fact that the bullying school and the bullying principal attacked us years later that my son and we have no social behavior and are to blame for everything?, While my son was reporting sick for bullying and physical attacks at the school (the last time by a mob of 20 people and he was the youngest and most little student), the police who broke into our house and searched our house (That was the intrigue of the bullies, before they had threatened my son that he would not take an exam at this school, before that they would put him down for all time !) because Mr. Röhrig, Mr. Barthel, Lennart Löscher, Fabian Schorer (an alleged friend of my son, it is no longer possible to be more false or lying, because at this time until now he was the secret best friend and spy of Lennart Löscher) and the other bullies,described opposite the police my son as a dangerous person and gun fool (he was just 16 and was very small and skinny for his age ) like my husband, an alleged hunter (a master painter who has many customers everywhere, especially in Neugereut, and a very good reputation as a craftsman and we never have weapons in our house, never, never!)? When we tried to report something, the police did not take any charges except, only in all the time for one attack and one serious theft in our house. But they were quick after the defamation of the school there, found nothing and did not even apologize. What a country where something like this is possible? What losers are working at the police!!!

That was the revenge of the school management because we wanted to change schools before the exam and had already found a school here. Two female headmistresses of to other schools believed the lies of Ms. Klass and said to me they would not accept my son at their schools because of that what Ms. Klass told them, we should come to an agreement with the school. If these women had not been so stupid, otherwise everything might not have happened. We found out that from the headmaster of another school, this kind old gentleman who wanted to take my son in immediately. However, after the police operation, my son no longer felt able to take any exam, the shock at this malevolence was too great.

We saw many examples of how the school management handled bullying and criminal offenses. For example, when the bully Marco Seifert broke into our house with an older bully while we were away, locked my son and then cleared out and stole everything he could need together with the other young person. His brother, a really good boy, brought the stolen things back and the other perpetrator made a perpetrator-victim compensation through the youth welfare office, but Marco Seifert and his mother showed no understanding, on the contrary. Marco Seifert was celebrated as a hero in the class because he showed it to the Polish face, my son. Because of our surname, all bullies referred to us as Polish pigs. Marco Seifert's mother called me and shouted into the phone that I was a criminal because our son reported the theft and that we should finally leave. Now you know where the criminal energy of child bullies comes from.

At that time, the asocial asshole Kevin Westenhöfer also had to make himself popular with Lennart Löscher by ambushing my son with other friends, if he dared to show up at confirmation classes, they would make sure that he was beaten into a disabled person and his Polish face never more smiles. I took that seriously and didn't let him go to class, those responsible for the Religion classes didn't want to comment on it, damn Christian assholes, but church is as mendacious as it is in politics, right?

At the same time I had to take my son out of the gymnastics club, there were also attacks here, because unfortunately the Löscher gang was also in the gymnastics club and on the very first day they threatened to smash his face and toss his sneakers in the toilet. The gym teacher said there was nothing she could do, my son couldn't stay in the gymnastics club, that was too dangerous. Yes, like everyone else, this woman had a bale of straw in her brain, violent criminals don't belong in the gymnastics club, normal people do, right?

And my husband also got a taste. When we came back on the tram together with a friend of my son's, the anti-social bastard Kevin Westenhöfer and other boys harassed us on the tram. As if that wasn't enough, he hit my husband's legs from behind with his bike, when we were leaving the tram and drove off laughing. In such case you have to go to the police, no, my husband was too cowardly. My son's friend then said that this harassment also took place on the school bus every day and that he and my son always took a different bus. Two other friends, who also defended my son on the school bus and who repeatedly spoke out as witnesses of attacks against the school, were bullied away. One without an exam, the other went to another school. Yes, there is nothing like a real piste pig as a school principal like Mr. Röhrig, that is a bullies paradise in such a school!

But it gets even better. Mr. Barthel, the supposedly nice teacher and great family man, was seen by the bully Behar Hasanaj, then still a minor, in the flat rate brothel Fellbach Pussy Club and was then likely to be blackmailed. He lied to his wife, a teacher, that he would stand up for my son. What kind of lying loser? The opposite was true, absolutely. In addition, the Pussy Club was closed for human trafficking and the perpetrators were convicted. So what are a teacher and an underage student doing there, only perverts go to such a brothel. That didn't surprise me, not with the two anti-social elements! In the last two years I turned to an exam preparation office, where teachers supported the students and I had all projects and class work examined here by other High School teachers and it quickly became apparent that 1-2 grades were always rated worse. A teacher called the school several times and complained about it, Mr. Röhrig and Mr. Barthel, the mega bully pigs, rated my son always particularly badly.

When a mob of 20 students, led by the much taller Philipp Reckerth and the strong Oleksandr Lapidus, attacked my son with a hoot, put a paper hat on him in class, threatened him with scissors and threw him off his chair, it became clear that the school was going to the worsest kind of bullying. The principal thought: Better to abandon victims of bullying than to stand up against a horde of bullies. Because when my son resisted, the rector Mr. Röhrig complained in writing and by phone to my husband that my son was not normal. I think anyone who writes letters like this needs to go to a psychiatric hospital very urgently.

The year before, Mrs. Weidler was in top form when she was substituting for gym classes. She harassed my son along with the bullies like that, made him run back and forth unnecessarily with malicious comments and let him bumped by the bullies, strong and big boys, Lennart Löscher had the nickname Viking for example and then this antisocial bitch really called me at the office because my son was bleeding profusely, I should come over here and immediately wipe away the mess and take my unsporting son with me. My husband took my son to the doctor, Ms. Weidler lied to my husband, it was a gymnastics accident and she would never have said things like that to me on the phone. The doctor advised to change schools immediately, he said, you don't can leave your child in a school like this, the next time maybe even worse will happen. Exactly! But my parents and my husband were so cowardly, that's why changing schools didn't work because they were constantly working against it. If my son hadn't been so strong, stronger than many others, I could visit his grave today, I'm sure.

And since we're talking about graves, here we got them the last year and even after my son had already changed schools, anonymous calls, mostly from Lennart Löscher and Kevin Westenhöfer, these anti-social idiots had called so often that I heard their voices knew very well. In those phone calls, they told me we should all kill ourselves and then they would dance on our graves. When my son answered, they posed as his supposed friends on the phone trying to arrange a meeting, and then they laughed out loud into the phone. I have to tell you honestly, if I had been a man, if I had beaten the shit out of the asses of these assholes, it would have been worth every punishment and I would have been hospitalized for a few weeks, I promise!

But I could have done that with other people too. How can you be as stupid as sending my husband and son on a trip to England with the class when the bullying is so extreme. Strangely, my husbands signature was enough for that, to change schools it took two signatures. Strange conditions right? Of course the school trip was a diseaster, the situation escalated on the first bus trip in England and my son was cursed as a drug addict criminal. The teachers did not step in, but the brave male class representative and believe me, it takes courage to take such a step against such a crowd. As far as I know, the class representative only dared to do it once. Guess why? During the trip, the bullies continued, of course, and my son called me every day to ask if I could get him from England. It was awful! Ms. Weidler lied to my husband that my son is doing fine and that I should not be overprotective. I would have loved to spank the ass of this lying bitch too.
At the end, the school call for the police was the last great bullying act! That was the revenge of the school management because we wanted to change schools before the exam and had already found a school here. Two female headmistresses of to other schools believed the lies of Ms. Klass and said they would not accept my son at their schools because of that what Ms. Klass told them, we should come to an agreement with the school. If these women had not been so stupid, otherwise everything might not have happened. We found out that from the headmaster of another school, this kind old gentleman who wanted to take my son in immediately. However, after the police operation, my son no longer felt able to take any exam, the shock at this malevolence was too great.

I found the behavior of my son's alleged friend, Fabian Schorer, who was involved in this intrigue to spoil my son's exam and drive him out of school, outrageous. He had been Lennart Löscher's secret friend and spy for a long time, I often saw him running to Lennart Löscher's house in the district and immediately afterwards there was another devilry in the class. There's nothing like wrong friends, is there? Incidentally, I was told that Lennart Löscher makes his mischief at Naxcon Freiburg and Fabian Schorer at the University of Bayreuth. Condolences dear company Naxcon and dear Uni Bayreuth, congratulations, that they have in their firm and their campus the greatest psychopathic lying bastards I have ever met.
This evil bullying by the same people and their childs was lasting from Kindergarten to High School. And also at the elementary school beforre the High School time, there were long four years of attacks from the bullies, above all Lennart Löscher and also the parents, especially the later chairman of the parents' council at the school in Stuttgart-Neugereut, Mr. Frank Löscher, participated in this psychological terror.
The support of the female principal at the time at the elemantary school and the female class teacher, who referred to these students and parents as pack and my son as dear, highly intelligent boy, helped very much.

The leading and psychopathic severe manipulative bully Lennart Löscher was also the leader here. My son, his school friends, the girls, the youngest pupils were already victims of the Löscher gang here, unfortunately that is what you have to call it. Even then, the Löscher Gang thought it was funny to try to drown the youngest pupils, the youngest pupils and the girls during swimming lessons or to throw the victims with their satchels from the back down the long stairs in the school building. The supervisors and concerned parents like me were horrified, but do you think these monsters have been removed from the school? No, these monsters were already making telephone terrorism back then and were lying in wait for my son and his friends on the way, insulting and threatening them, because they were of primary school age, with impunity. In contrast to my son, the Löscher Gang did not receive a recommendation for a secondary school from the principal and class teacher, but unfortunately they made it anyway with entrance tests and again my son had these idiots in the class and I always had parents' events with the equally idiotic parents to do. It was bad, however, that the bullies came back to the same high school in Stuttgart-Neugereut.

I received during the High School time particularly idiotic letters and calls from the bullying parents Lösch, Rück and Seifert. It doesn't get any more anti-social or stupid, no wonder these children have become psychopaths. When my son was the smallest in the class of Lennart Löscher, Lukas Schmidt, Robin Rück, Behar Hasanaj and was repeatedly attacked at the bus stop and hit on the head in such a way that he suffered a slight concussion, the reactions of the bullying parents were as follows: Mr. Löscher wrote letters of complaint to the first rector, Mr. Hagen, and to us that my son is a weakling who provokes attacks. The brain-amputated Rector Hagen wrote a letter during the school holidays that if my son did not stop, to attack Lennart Löscher (Lennart Löscher was 30 cm taller, 30 kg heavier and two years older than my son, the others were of a similar stature and also older), he would expel my son from school. We got no answer to our complaint, the rector, this brainless idiot, disappeared and in his place came the even bigger bootlicker of bullies and their parents, Mr. Röhrig. Ms. Rück called me for no reason and screamed that they were tired of the endless theater with my son and that we should finally leave. I caught Frau Seifert personally in the local stationery store, where she said to another unknown woman that losers like us should just move away. So much for the social behavior of parents who raised bullies.

We were often advised to move; we would have done that immediately if we hadn't built a new great house. From today's perspective, I don't know whether staying was the right thing to do.
The behavior and inactivity of the state education authority was also pathetic; the many compassionate calls after the disaster were no longer of any use to my son.
The failure of the Stuttgart lawyers of our legal protection insurance, Mr. Matthias Hörnisch and Ms. Heidi Riedinger, who were so incapable and greedy for money that the insurance company terminated us and the matter against the bullies was finally put on record was also miserable. I can only describe these lawyers as money greedy and humanly incapable idiots.
At Ergo legal protection insurance, I first had a very good female clerk who gave me full support. For reasons I don't know, the case was taken away from her, and then really anti-social male idiots came into play. Because when my husband complained that the two lawyers Hörnisch and Riedinger wouldn't do anything, just collect money, our legal protection insurance was terminated and the new insurance no longer wanted to take over my son's case, so the bullies were still unpunished to this day. But shortly before that, the newspaper said that this ergo legal protection insurance had made expensive meetings with escort ladies, so they took the high membership fees for that or ... We were a member of this shit insurance for over twenty years.

That was not all! But also two more distant female acquaintances, brain-amputated idiots, said in a know-it-all way about the escalation of the bullying, that victims of bullying would challenge the bullying, that they were weaklings and losers, mothers' boys and that they were too pampered and did not know what life is like. I replied, wait until your sons get caught. And I didn't have to wait long, because both sons of these smart women were bullied away from the universities and bulled into the psychiatric ward. What a howling and whining of the two oh-so-clever acquaintances. Then I said, now you know how it is. Since then they haven't talked to me anymore, funny or .. I can do without people like that in difficult times, they are full of shit.

Believe me, I looked the absolutely evil in the face at that time and I don't even wish that same for my worst enemies.
I generally wish all bullies a special place in hell and that they get the life and death they deserve.

Evil bullying cases:

Suicides caused by bullying:

Ashlynn Conner (2000–2011), Chicago, U.S., age 10, was an elementary school student who died of suicide by hanging herself in the closet on November 11, 2011, because of bullying. According to her mother, she had tried to get help from teachers, but they told her to "sit down and stop tattling". Kids would go around in school calling her "fat", "ugly", and a "slut". When she asked her mother to be homeschooled, she refused. As a result, she took her own life. Her body was discovered by her sister.

Audrie Pott (1997–2012), age 15, a student attending Saratoga High School, California. She died of suicide by hanging on September 12, 2012. She had been allegedly sexually assaulted by three teenage boys at a party eight days earlier and pictures of the assault were posted online with accompanying bullying. Pott's suicide and the circumstances surrounding her death have been compared to the suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons, a young woman in Canada, appearing to show highly similar characteristics. New laws are being considered as a result of these events.

Amanda Todd (1996–2012), age 15, a Canadian high school student who died of suicide by hanging due to school bullying and cyberbullying. She died by suicide at the age of 15 at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Prior to her death, Todd had posted a video on YouTube in which she used a series of flash cards to tell her experience of allegedly being blackmailed into exposing her breasts via webcam; bullied; and physically assaulted. The video went viral after her death, resulting in international media attention. The video has had more than 20 million views as of 2019. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and British Columbia Coroners Service launched investigations into the suicide. At the time of her death, Todd was a grade 10 student at CABE Secondary in Coquitlam, a school that caters to students who have experienced social and behavior issues in previous educational settings. In response to the death, Christy Clark, the premier of British Columbia, made an online statement of condolence and suggested a national discussion on criminalizing cyberbullying. Also, a motion was introduced in the Canadian House of Commons to propose a study of the scope of bullying in Canada, and for more funding and support for anti-bullying organizations. Todd's mother Carol established the Amanda Todd Trust, receiving donations to support anti-bullying awareness education and programs for young people with mental health problems.

Kenneth Weishuhn (1997–2012), Iowa, U.S., age 14, was a teen who is known for his suicide which raised the national profile on gay bullying and LGBT youth suicides. Weishuhn, then 14 years old, was allegedly bullied in person, death threats were sent to his mobile phone, and he was the subject of a Facebook hate group. He was targeted for being gay, having come out one month before his suicide. Weishuhn told his mother Jeannie Chambers "Mom, you don't know how it feels to be hated". The bullying was characterized as "aggressive", "merciless" and "overwhelming". In response to the bullying, Weishuhn took his own life in April 2012. He hanged himself in the family's garage.

Jadin Bell (1997–2013), age 15, was an Oregon youth known for his suicide which raised the national profile on youth bullying and gay victimization in bullying. Bell, a 15-year-old gay youth, was allegedly intensely bullied both in person and on the Internet because he was gay. He was a member of the La Grande High School cheerleading team in La Grande, Oregon, where he was a sophomore. On January 14, 2013, Bell went to a local elementary school and hanged himself from the play structure. He did not immediately die from the strangulation and was rushed to the emergency room, where he was kept on life support. The Associated Press reported that a spokesman for the Oregon Health and Science University's Portland hospital announced that after being taken off life support Bell died on February 3, 2013.Bell's death was largely reported in the media, starting discussions about bullying, the effect it has on youth, and gay bullying. The Huffington Post, Salon, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Raw Story, GLAAD PQ Monthly, PinkNews and many other media outlets reported on Bell's death. The media reported his suicide stemmed from being bullied for being gay, which Bell's father fully believed, stating "He was hurting so bad. Just the bullying at school. Yeah there were other issues, but ultimately it was all due to the bullying, for not being accepted for being gay."

Rehtaeh Parsons (1995–2013), age 17, a former Cole Harbour District High School who died by suicide from hanging. on April 4, 2013, at her home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, leading to a coma and the decision to switch her life support machine off at Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre on April 7, 2013. Her death has been attributed to online distribution of photos of an alleged gang rape that occurred 17 months prior to her suicide attempt, in November 2011. On a Facebook page set up in tribute to her daughter, Parsons' mother blamed the four boys who allegedly raped and released images of her, the subsequent constant "bullying and messaging and harassment", and the failure of the Canadian justice system, for her daughter's decision to attempt suicide.

Bullied and killed by the bullies:

Junko Furuta (1971-1989). age 17, was a Japanese high school student who was abducted, raped, tortured and murdered in the late 1980s (the most evil school bullying, rape and murder case in history). Her murder case was called the "concrete-encased high school girl murder case" ,due to her body being discovered in a concrete drum. The abuse was mainly perpetrated by four teenage boys, Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe, over a period of 40 days from November 1988 to January 1989.
17-year-old Junko had been tortured to the point of being unable to stand or speak. Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe were the main perpetrators of the abuse. Sadly, they’ve all been released from prison.Junko Furuta’s death was not caused solely by these four teenage boys, her school bullies and harassers; many others failed to notice the attack on the girl, leading to her untimely death, to the point where she begged them to kill her.
After her abduction, Junko Furuta was held captive in the Minato Residence for the next 40 days, and during that time, she was subjected to unspeakable suffering, of which even the details are shocking.
Mitano's residence, where Furuto was kept for 44 days
Minato’s residence where Furuta was held captive for the next 41 days.
For Junko Furuta, each day inside the Mintao’s residence was nothing short of hell:
She was humiliated by being kept naked for the majority of the time, raped by over 100 men, and the kidnappers invited their friends to assault the 17-year-old. Furuta was raped an estimated 500 times, including 12 times in one day by 12 different men.
According to their testimony in court, “They raped her over 400 times, beat her, starved her, hung her from the ceiling and used her as a ‘punching bag,’ dropped barbells on her stomach, forced her to eat live cockroaches and drink her own urine, forced her to masturbate in front of them, and forced her to sing and dance while being beaten. They inserted foreign objects, such as a lit lightbulb and a firework, into her vagina and anus. They used cigarettes and lighters to burn her vagina and clitoris, as well as hot wax to burn her eyelids. Not only that, but they also used pliers to remove her left nipple and sewing needles to pierce her breasts.”
Junko Furuta was said to have lost consciousness as a result of the assaults and had to be revived by dipping her head in a bucket of water. Oronamin C bottles were stuck in her anus when her body was discovered, and her face was unrecognizable. Furuta was also discovered pregnant, despite the fact that her uterus had been severely damaged.
Furuta tried to call the cops once but was apprehended before she could say anything. When the cops returned the call, Miyano explained that the original emergency call had been a mistake. They tied her legs and set her feet on fire with burning lighter fluid as a punishment for calling the cops. After 20 days of ordeal, she was unable to walk due to several leg burns and badly bruised muscles.
Junko Furuta could handle nothing more than her hands because her bones were smashed with weights and her fingernails were torn, and even after this attack they forced her to sleep on the balcony, where she was exposed to cold temperatures.
She was unable to urinate properly after 30 days of continuous attack due to her damaged internal organs and the introduction of objects and burns from cigarettes and lighters. Furuta begged her captors to kill her because she was tired and tortured, but they refused and continued to attack and torture her.
“Furuta’s legs were so badly damaged that it took her over an hour to drag herself down the stairs to the toilet,” one of the kidnappers told the court. Furuta’s body was also severely crippled, and she began to emit a foul odor, driving the boys away from her.
If the police officers had continued to investigate the house, Junko Furuta’s torture could have lasted only 16 days. One of the kidnapper’s friends, Ihara, was allegedly bullied into raping the girl. After leaving Minato’s house, Ihara told her brother about the incident, who then told her parents, who contacted the police.
Soon after, two officers were dispatched to Minato’s house, but they were told there was no girl inside. The officers declined an invitation to look around the house because they had been told there was no girl inside. The community reacted negatively to both officers. Junko Furuta would still be alive today if they had thoroughly searched the house.
The Death of Junko Furuta:
On January 4, 1989, Furutka’s kidnappers challenged her to a game of Mahjong Solitaire, which Junko won. This enraged the boys, who began abusing her with an iron barbell, kicks and punches, and the placement of two short candles on her eyelids, which were then burned with hot wax.
They made her stand and beat her with a stick, causing her to bleed profusely and pus to appear on her infected burns. This did not deter the monsters, who continued to beat her with plastic bags in their hands.
They repeatedly slammed an iron exercise ball into her stomach. They lit her up again by pouring lighter fluid on her thighs, arms, face, and stomach. Furuta attempted to put out the fire but quickly became unresponsive, and the attack on her lasted two hours, during which time she succumbed to her injuries and died that day.
Her abductors wrapped her body in blankets and stuffed it into a suitcase. They later stuffed her body into a 55-gallon drum, filled it with wet concrete, and dumped it in a cement truck in Tokyo’s Koto neighborhood.
On January 23, 1989, Hiroshi Miyano and Jō Ogura were arrested for the gang rape of a 19-year-old woman they had kidnapped in December.
On March 29, two police officers arrived at Miyano’s home to question them after discovering women’s underwear. They confessed to the crimes against Furuta, and Miyano told the cops where Furuta’s body would be found. However, when the police questioned them about the disappearance of another woman and her 7-year-old son, they were perplexed by their confession.
The drum containing Furuta’s body was discovered the next day by the police. Fingerprints were used to identify her body, and Jō Ogura were arrested for a separate sexual assault on April 1, 1989, before being arrested again for Furuta’s murder. Nobuharu Minato, Yasushi Watanabe, and Minato’s brother were also detained.
Despite their heinous crimes, the court kept their identities hidden, but a Japanese magazine was able to uncover and publish their identities. The magazine stated that “give the severity of the crime, the accused did not deserve to have their right to anonymity upheld.”
Rather than pleading guilty to murder, all of the kidnappers pleaded guilty to “causing bodily injury that resulted in death.” The four criminals were tried as juveniles but had to be convicted as adults; unfortunately, each of them has already been released from prison.
Hiroshi Miyano, the criminal mastermind, was sentenced to 17 years in prison; he later appealed, but Tokyo High Court judge Ryji Yanase increased his sentence by three years. The sentence for two more boys who appealed was also increased by the same judge. After selling their family home, Hiroshi’s mother allegedly sent Furuta’s parents 50 million yen (US $425,000).
Yasushi Watanabe, now Jo Kamisaku, was released in August 1999, and five years later, in July 2004, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for assaulting a man he believed was luring his girlfriend away from him.
All of the sentences were deemed far too lenient for the crimes committed, and all of them were protected by special laws that apply to people over the age of 18.
Junko Furuta’s funeral was held on April 2, 1989. The following is a quote from a memorial address written by one of her friends:
"Jun-chan, welcome back. I have never dreamed that we would see you again in this way. You must have been in so much pain… so much suffering. The happi we all made from the school festival looked really good on you. We will never forget you. I have heard that the headmaster has presented you with a graduation certificate. So, we graduated together – all of us Jun-chan, there is no more pain, no more suffering. Please rest in peace."
Concrete movie is backed on the case of the murder of Junko Furuta, the film deals with as many social factors that produced Furuta’s four assailants as it does with her suffering at their hands.
Many people believe that this story is a hoax; I wish it had been a hoax so that Junko Furuta would not have suffered, but the terrible crime did happen. Junko Futura’s death was terrifying, and the case, trial, and verdicts all served as a reminder that something like this should never happen again. If you notice something unusual or suspect someone is in danger, contact someone, inform your elders, or report it to the authorities; you may be able to save a life.

Shanda Renee Sharer (1979-1992), age 12, was an American girl who was tortured and burned to death in Madison, Indiana by four bullying teenage girls (Melinda Loveless, Laurie Tackett, Hope Rippey, Toni Lawrence). She was 12 years old at the time of her death. The incident attracted international attention due to both the brutality of the murder and the young age of the perpetrators, who were aged between 15 and 17 years old.
For seven hours, the four girls brutally tortured Shanda Sharer before ultimately killing her. Loveless and Tackett stripped off Sharer’s clothes and proceeded to punch her repeatedly. Loveless hit the victim’s face with her knee until she bled profusely from her mouth.
That torture wasn’t enough to satiate the older girls. They then tried to slit Sharer’s throat, but the knife was too dull. Instead, they stabbed her in the chest and strangled her with a rope before throwing her in the trunk of the car, thinking she was dead. They then went to Tackett’s house to clean up and drink sodas before realizing that their victim, now screaming in the trunk, was still alive.
Tackett proceeded to stab Sharer several more times before driving off once more with Loveless to beat and sodomize Sharer with a tire iron.
Again driving to a remote location, the girls hauled their still-alive victim — now only able to whimper “mommy” — out of the trunk, wrapped her in a blanket, and poured the gasoline on her. Then they lit Shanda Sharer on fire and drove off. Just to be sure their work was finished, Loveless had them return a few minutes later to pour some more gasoline on her, watch her writhe in agony, and finally confirm that she was dead.

LaVena Lynn Johnson (1985-2005), age 20, was an E3 Private First Class in the United States Army. She was found dead in her tent. Her death was controversially ruled as a suicide but the evidence of bullying,rape and battery led many to believe the United States Department of Defense covered it up.
Johnson's death was officially ruled a suicide by the Department of Defense.However, her father became suspicious when he saw her body in the funeral home and decided to investigate. The Army initially refused to release information, but did so under the Freedom of Information Act after Representative William Lacy Clay, Jr. raised questions about it at the congressional hearings over Pat Tillman's death.
The autopsy report and photographs revealed Johnson had a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, burns from a corrosive chemical on her genitals, and a gunshot wound that seemed inconsistent with suicide. Several reporters have suspected that the chemical burns were to destroy DNA evidence of a rape. Bloody footprints were discovered outside of her living quarters.
A spokesman from the House Armed Services Committee said in June 2008 that the committee was looking into Johnson's death, but they were not yet committing to a formal investigation. Christopher Grey, chief of public affairs for the U.S. Criminal Investigative Command for the Army has said that the case remains closed as far as they are concerned.

Skylar Neese (1996-2012), age 16, was an American teenage girl who disappeared from her home in Star City, West Virginia around midnight on July 6, 2012. Neese's body was found on January 16, 2013, in Wayne Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Neese was murdered by two of her former high school best friends and later bullies with 50 stab wounds, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. On January 3, 2013, Shoaf told authorities that she and Eddy planned and carried out Neese's murder. Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on May 1, 2013 and was sentenced to 30 years in prison with eligibility for parole after 10 years. Eddy pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on January 24, 2014 and was sentenced to life in prison with eligibility for parole after fifteen years. Neese's disappearance led to new West Virginia legislation that made changes to the AMBER Alert missing child alert system.

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