Keep Painting of George Floyd as Jesus on CUA Campus

Keep Painting of George Floyd as Jesus on CUA Campus

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university of the catholic church of north america and

Why this petition matters

Started by Ant Bee

We must stand together against the removal of the beautiful painting, "MAMA" by Kelly Latimore. 

An Alum from CUA, the university of the Catholic Church in North America, wants to "remove from public display" the "blasphemous and confusing" painting from display on the campus. They state none should "cast another in the image of our Lord in this way."

 Sunday artist, Kelly Latimore, stated on Jonathan Capehart, "Is it George Floyd? Is it Jesus? The answer is yes." "There is a sacredness in every person."  "Jesus can be found in those who suffered, as George Floyd did."

As a pagan I ask you, if your Christ can be found in each of us and we are all the children of God, then why would this painting be confusing or blasphemous? 

Their petition only has 5,248 signatures with the goal of 7,000, to "ask the administration to remove these images and ensure that an incident of this kind does not happen again." We can get 10,000 signatures! 

By signing this petition you are standing against the removal of this painting from the campus.  We are asking the administration to stand with the artist, Kelly Latimore, and to denounce this White Supremacy disguised as Christianity. 


6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!