Jonasia Simpson deserves to be punished for animal cruelty

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Jonasia Simpson deserves to be punished for animal cruelty

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Jonasia Simpson who is about 15 years old and lives in Dorchester, decided to microwave her pet turtule, and her mother, Shanitha Blocker, was totaly on her daughters side. "ITS A FU---NG TURTLE GET OVER IT!! " was what Jonasia posted on Facebook after getting multiple hate messages. What did the turtule ever do to deserve this? 

Jonasia deserves to be punished she deserves to pay for her actions because this is animal cruelty. You don't just kill a living creature because you are bored or because you think it would be funny. This girl needs mental help because killing an animal and then thinking its ok is not normal. We need to do something about animal cruelty, because this is not okay, and if we don't do something about this, sick people like her will keep doing stuff like this.

If you want to read more about this cruel girl and her mother, this is where I got my information from:


Mikayla Mcnamara helped me make this petition in a more formal, more convincing way; these are her words:

According to an online blog, Jonasia Simpson, thirteen, microwaved her family’s pet turtle. Graphic and disturbing before and after pictures of the cruelty were shared on Facebook by Jonasia. The adolescent girl lives with her mother, Shanitha Blocker, in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston states it is illegal in Massachusetts to: [1] intentionally harm an animal (abuse) and [2] fail to provide adequate care for an animal (neglect). Thus, an individual “…shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 7 years in state prison or imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than 21/2 years or by a fine of not more than $5,000 or by both fine and imprisonment…”.

Please sign this petition to bring awareness to Jonasia’s unwarranted act and callous behavior. Jonasia must be held accountable for her actions and must be disciplined appropriately to ensure she does not repeat this behavior and/or explore other senseless acts of violence.

Thank you.

This information was originally obtained from an online blog post (explicit), which can be read here:

Legislation regarding animal cruelty in the state of Massachusetts can be read here:

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