Binfield -Save Our Post office

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Binfield Post office is currently run from the Spar store on the parade of shops within Oakmede Village

The Community has recently learnt that the Spar has sold to the Coop . However the local residents have been advised that the Coop does not intend to retain the Post Office and it will be closed by Christmas

The Post Office has been an integral part of village life for many years and is essential amenity particularly for the elderly residents who live in sheltered housing and have no independent means of transport  

Closing the Post office will be detrimental to local business and residents alike. The nearest Post Office would then be Priestwood which is not accessible from Binfield as a result of the limited bus service available in the village 

It is ironic that the next available post Office is actually in the Coop at Priestwood 

Please review the Coop values and apply them to the situation in Binfield 

"A co-operative is a group of people acting together to meet the common needs and aspirations of its members, sharing ownership and making decisions democratically"


** Our Co-operative Values *****
Self-help – we help people to help themselves
Self-responsibility – we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions
Democracy – we give our members a say in the way we run our businesses

Solidarity – we share interests and common purposes with our members and other co-operatives.

***Our ethical values ***

Honesty – we are honest about what we do and the way we do it
Social responsibility – we encourage people to take responsibility for their own community, and work together to improve it
Caring for others – we regularly fund charities and local community groups from the profits of our businesses.

Concern for community – co-operatives also work to improve and develop the community, both locally and internationally.

There has been no consultation with the local residents with regard to the closure of the Post office or how to work through the huge impact it will have on the Village Community if it loses  another vital amenity


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