Our Kids Deserve a Proper School Building

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We are writing to express our concern for the current situation with HLA2.  The parents of HLA2 love the wonderful teachers at the school, however we feel that Hebrew Public is not working hard enough to provide our children with an adequate learning environment. 

Quality education is essential for the growth of this generation and generations to follow. Denying students the appropriate environment needed for a good education is cutting back from potential success.  How can our students learn and succeed when they are crammed all day into tiny and stuffy rooms, most of which do not even have windows? There is no fresh air. There is no cafeteria. There is no separate space for recess.  Would you send your kids to a school like this?

While the classrooms may meet the DOE’s minimum square feet to student ratio, overall the facility is completely inadequate for a positive learning environment.  Our children deserve the right to an education of good quality to ensure success in the future with a venue that does not hinder their studies. This includes a healthy space in which they can thrive.

Because we love the teachers so much, we have been very patiently waiting for a suitable school building. Initially we were promised that our students would have a permanent building for the 2018/2019 school year. When we learned that wasn’t going to happen, we continued to support the school by re-enrolling our children with the promise of a decent school building to house our bright students and exceptional teachers for the 2019/2020 school year. However, we were let down yet again.

We understand that there is some setback with the contractor working on building the new school, but that just means that Hebrew Public has to work harder to find a proper space for our children and their wonderful teachers.  The current conditions at the school are intolerable and this cannot continue moving forward.

The parents of HLA2 feel that Hebrew Public is taking advantage of our silence and neglecting our children. Unless an adequate site is found to house all students and staff in one place with the appropriate facilities to ensure a supportive space that is conducive to learning, our children will no longer be attending HLA2. Most parents have already begun the process of finding alternate placements for Fall 2020, which is a saddening but necessary measure to take in order ensure our children spend these 40+ hours a week in a healthy environment.

We are calling for Hebrew Public to take our concerns seriously and find a proper facility to house all of our students for the 2020/2021 school year.  As most parents are unable to attend the board meetings, we are also requesting weekly updates with information as to the status of Hebrew Public’s search for a proper school building. Finally, we would like for indoor air quality assessments to be conducted in each classroom in order to determine whether or not our students are breathing acceptable air, and for a copy of the findings to be shared with all families.