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Urge the democratic candidates of GA-06 4/18 election to unite and support one candidate.

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We are residents of Georgia's sixth congressional district and your potential constituents. We urge the candidates for Georgia’s sixth congressional district to coalesce around one candidate for the April 18th special election for the United States House of Representative seat. This petition is not meant to endorse a specific candidate. We are asking that all the candidates, come together, engage in civil discourse and settle on supporting one candidate. It is vital that the the democratic vote be undiluted. The situation as it stands now is at risk of losing the majority vote and the congressional seat. Our democracy is at stake and special, unconventional measures need to be taken to ensure that a democrat wins this election. The civil liberties of the American people are at stake, environmental protections are being slashed, access to affordable health care is being taken away and that is just the tip of the iceberg.  

This election has made national news because of the impact and message it could send to this country. Winning this seat would send shock waves through the House and the nation. If we find a way to unite ourselves, this could be a major much needed breakthrough for the democratic party.

We have the momentum, the invigoration, the volunteers and the nation is watching us. Please stand with us, your potential constituents, and help increase our chances of winning this election.

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