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UPDATE 8/16/12: After our grassroots pressure, Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that he will set uniform early voting hours for all of Ohio’s 88 counties during Monday through Friday, but Husted's decision excludes weekend voting. 

Sign our updated petition below telling Secretary of State Jon Husted to make weekend voting available to all Ohioans.


On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, the New York Times published an op-ed entitled Overt Discrimination in Ohio, in response to the fact that voters in conservative leaning counties will be able to vote in the evenings and weekends while voters in more progressive and urban counties will not.


This is not democracy. 

Every Ohio voter should have the same access and opportunity to vote early. 

Currently, many Ohio county Board of Elections are in dead-lock ties on extending early voting hours and choosing accessible early voting locations.

That's why we're calling on the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to break these tie votes, making voting easy and convenient for all Ohioans.

If we don't act now, voters in Ohio can expect long lines and  confusion about times during the upcoming early voting period for the 2012 election. 

All across the country, Republicans have mounted a well-organized and aggressive effort to make it harder for Democratic leaning and working people to vote in this year's election.

Since 2005, politicians on both sides of the isle have worked together to make voting more accessible to people – including Secretary of State Husted.  We should NOT turn back the clock on making it easier for people to participate in our democracy by putting up barriers to early voting. 

Sign our petition calling on the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to break these tie votes, making voting easy and convenient for all Ohioans.

Letter to
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
We call on you to set uniform early voting times for the weekend for the upcoming 2012 early voting period.

We applaud you for setting a expansion of early voting on weekdays, but many hard-working Ohioans are simply too busy during any weekday to vote. As the American Civil Liberties Union stated, “Voters who work long hours or hold more than one job find weekend voting hours especially helpful.”

We call on you to make weekend voting available so that every Ohioan will have the opportunity to vote on weekends.

Thank you,

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