Take our NHS back!

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I'm starting this petition to prevent private companies from stealing our NHS. In particular, Virgin Care , who are taking over GP surgeries and making a total mess of them. My surgery was taken over by Virgin Care 18 months ago, and it has been an utter catastrophe! Appointments take up to three weeks, prescriptions are never on time, and often there is only one doctor on duty, and yet, they are still taking new patients on. It can take 40 to 50 minutes to get through by phone at any time of day. People are dying, and I know personally of two people with law suits against them, because of the untimely death of relatives due to lack of care. This has to stop! Please sign my petition if you value our NHS and want it back in the hands of the non profiteers! I've contacted Jon Ashworth, Shadow Home Secretary, and hope if we get enough signatures, this current situation will be discussed in Parliament. We all need our NHS , and it truly is in danger of collapse under this government. Please sign and share, and let us keep this wonderful institution out of the hands of the people who are systematically destroying it.