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Appeal to the Lebanese Government regarding parental abductions

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We are two left behind mothers affected by parental kidnappings.  Our children have been taken to Lebanon by their fathers never to return to their homes. Our stories are not isolate cases.  We are fighting to bring them home, but our struggle is met by blocks in the Lebanese legislation system.  We are petitioning the Lebanese government Ann's calling upon law makers to rectify the injustices made towards us and our children.  Lebanon has become a safe haven for a parent to kidnap her or his child(ren) in recent years as so many of these cases continue to surface.  Lebanon needs to sign the Hague and become an example and leader regarding this issue, so that other countries may follow suit. Out is a child's fought to be loved by both parents.  According to the UN a child is not to be deprived of the necessary tools oom life to feel safe and to grow.  There are many negative psychological effects that occur in a child's life when she out he feels unwanted by the other parent. We are asking the Lebanese courts and the Lebanese government too change their views on international parental abductions.  This is not merely a family issue.  It is a crime against the children, the left behind parent,  and humanity in general.  Treaties with other nations should be made to ensure that children get the best of both worlds. Please support us in our struggle to reunite with our children. 

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