Reppeal the Government's Recently Implemented Forced Restrictions on the Internet

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There has been a recent appeal of an Indonesian decision that dictates the legality of the Indonesian government to impose forced restrictions on internet service providers, forcing them to ban all porn related content. This in itself is not the issue.


The issue comes from the messy and unorganized way this decision has been implemented. Most youtube content creators have been falsely restricted due to the forced restriction mode implemented. Google searches are left incomplete and thus people are unallowed to fully search the information they need. I call for a reppeal of this decision as it not only voids the rights of freedom of the people in our country, but as it also intercepts the indonesian people's ability to access content and information that may serve entertainment or knowledge purposes without much substancial reason.


I am not viamately against the banning of porn, though I do believe it is a losing battle that the government will not succeed in achieving due to other means of accessing blocked content. This bill will only serve to hurt the people of the nation as a whole, and I would like to see it reppealled.