reduce plastic in our bathrooms

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How can we reduce plastic? We have produced many plastic containers and 35 percent of it is used in containers. We need to put a stop to that so that marine life can live and it will also decrease floods which have caused many schools to close in the past 2 months. Sometimes, it ends up in an animals body and they die or we eat that animal. It is not only harming them but also harming us. Sometimes, it gets recycled, but some don't. It ends up getting thrown away and our Earth is getting polluted. It is harming Earth the only planet we can live in, our only hope. We must try to save our Mother Earth and try to reduce plastic in our lives. With this opportunity to put a stop to it, i will try my best to reduce plastic in my life and make the world greener. If we work together i am sure we can reduce most of the plastic and start recycling to make a better planet. We have many alternatives and we can use that instead which is going to be better for us and our family. We have alternatives such as soap bars, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, wooden cotton swabs, recycled tissue paper, meswak, and other more solutions. We can start using these instead and together we can make the world a better place to live in. Less polluted, greener and safer. If we don't stop this soon, our Earth will be damaged and this is a chance for us to save our planet. You can start from a small step such as starting to use soap bars instead of the liquid ones and we can reduce plastic by doing that. Let's change the way we see our beauty products and reduce plastic.