Police Brutality Prevention Strategies for Oregon

Police Brutality Prevention Strategies for Oregon

August 6, 2020
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Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform
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Started by Itzel Chavez

Dear Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform,

I am writing on behalf of myself and Washington County community members who have signed their names to this letter. During 2018, Portland Black drivers were searched at significantly higher rates when compared to overall stop rates and at a higher disparate rate from 2017. These numbers, along with other researched statistics, cause us to worry that Portland could become another Minneapolis without proper measures. Thus, we proactively petition The Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and use of force reform to pressure the Oregonian Senate for statewide measures.

According to statistics from PPB, drivers perceived to be either Black, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander are asked to consent to a search twice as often as other perceived racial groups AND Black drivers are significantly more likely to be searched by Non-Traffic officers with consent and significantly less likely to be searched with probable cause.

We ask for malpractice insurance with increasing premiums for every instance of misconduct, which is a further guard against racially motivated searches. Governing bodies of the agency pay basic cost, but premium increases fall on the individual convicted Law Enforcement Professional (LEP).

Additionally, the enrolled House Bill 4205 fails to provide a requirement to investigate and pursue legal action for (LEPs) who are proven to commit acts of aggression / misconduct. Moreover, it does not include provisions for lying or conspiracy. In accordance with Cariol’s Law, we demand that:  

(1) any (LEP) who fails to intervene or report will be subject to criminal reprehension and thorough investigation,

(2) that any (LEP) identified through investigation (externally or internally) to have purposely fabricated, condoned or covered up evidence through reporting or abstinence of reporting abuse/misconduct towards citizens will face the same consequences - up to termination and at minimum: legal prosecution be guaranteed in House Bill 4205.

Victims of violence should receive justice from their assailants, and any citizen who attacks, abuses, murders, or exploits another citizen should face legal action, not only termination from their place of employment. In a more perfect union, police officers will not receive special privileges if they commit a crime against people they are sworn to protect. We hope you share this vision of a more equitable and safer future for our communities.


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Signatures: 56Next Goal: 100
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