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Asking the Media to join us to create a better world for Bpd and talent

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Hi, my name is Laurene Hope

my aim to join with mainstream media to end the stigma of mental illness and the need to be already famous  so we can all work on there.



I run a positive hopeful station and theatre company to support people like myself.Unique stars with talent and so much to offer.

Everyone is unique and has a story 



I want to see People who have been diagnosed with Bpd to be taught how to manage it as I do without meds.

We all have personality disorder, some more than others ,but it's manageable when you use creativity like the stage.

There should not be a stigma!

Creativity is for me the answer to not needing medication for this complex needs Disorder.

i wasn't allowed to adopt because of this either.

You can help me change this..

Get us on here together hosting and singing and talking about Bpd and how to stay happy focused and have a good life regardless of mental illness.

I have been performing since the age of 6. I have been touring all over the country singing and acting as Piaf: "Love Conquers All."

I even got a 5 star review for my performance on Broadway Baby which you can read on my website.

I also sold out Edinburgh by singing on the streets and was the 'Toast of Henley".

Some of you might not know... I have a mental illness which is BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder.

But performing contains the illness, it is my medicine. Theatre and singing are my passion, they keep me sane.

Most of you have seen my work. You've praised, sang,laughed, danced and cried at my shows.

Now I am asking for my dream to become a reality. To perform on BBC , and ITV and  radio all over the world and help millions of people too.

1 performance on tv  will give people that dream! And  will also be a huge opportunity to promote Therapeutic Communities which help not only myself,but also many others with the same disorder.

By signing this petition and by leaving words of encouragement you will help make my dreams come true and spread awareness to people about this disorder.

I also hope to get my show programmed by theatres all over as part of their schedules for the new year.

You may visit my website Moving on Theatre to learn more about my performances and shows.

Thank you very much. Your support means a lot to me.


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