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Join the Virtual Rally to Restore Sanity!

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All this screaming and shouting got you down? Do you believe the loudest voices shouldn’t be the only ones to get heard?

Our nation is facing some serious challenges right now, and all the shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat. If you are a non-shouter in general, Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are putting on a rally for people like you -- the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC on October 30.

We know times are tough. Buying a plane ticket or taking the hybrid all the way to DC may be well out of your budget -- so we're asking folks to stand with the Rally-goers by signing on to our "Virtual Rally to Restore Sanity." C'mon! Show your support for restoring sanity!

In case you've not noticed, there's a pretty vocal group out there who apparently have a LOT of time on their hands, and they've been doing all the shouting and hogging all the attention.

Odds are you are too busy for tea parties and crashing Town Hall meetings. You have a life, or a family, or you're job hunting. The rally in DC is for the Busy Majority. The Virtual Rally is for the Really Busy Majority -- people like YOU.

In any case -- your fellow Americans who care about sanity will be in the shadow of the Washington Monument on October 30 and we want them to know we stand (virtually) with them! If you want to organize a rally in your own community, learn more here about how to make it happen.

Thank you for helping to restore sanity!

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Join the Virtual Rally to Restore Sanity!”. Join and 6,522 supporters today.