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Join the "too much class to show my a**" Movement! (Pass Along)

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In the month of June Our Youth Organization is trying something "Out The Box" It is called " Too much class to show my a** month" This is in place to grab the attention of the youth and to educate them about the ideas and images they take in and how these things affect their way of thinking.

There is a saying, "You are what you eat." This opportunity has to do with the food our young ladies take in with their eyes and ears. The images our young ladies take in daily affects their view on life, themselves, and influences the way they act. The images on television and music videos are graphic, sexual, and violent and our young ladies unfortunately are too. During the " I have too much class to show my a** month I am asking that we do the following things highlighted below and I'm also asking that we cut off our televisions, music, cellphones, computers, all electronic devices for one hour a day. During that hour, I'm asking parents to talk to their children, youth to plan their future, parents to help with your children's homework,and youth to read a book, work and develop their art, meditate, pray, or do something to better your community. We want you to document your hour of disconnect and email it to us so that we can share it with the world! We also want to send a message to the Entertainment Executives to clean up their acts and clean up what they are showing our youth and society. Our Organization wants our youth to disconnect from negative and connect with themselves, imagination, and possibility! We want them to GET OUT THE BOX!

"To Get Out The Box, we must disconnect!"

"Let's Have Class and not show our A**"

Get Out The Box is a nonprofit dedicated to educating and mentoring at-risk youth in low Income Communities

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Things you can do to advance this movement!

1. Write blog entries on Women's Health issues, Share stories and video links that celebrate classy and educated women. Video tape spoken word poetry, raps, dance, art on this topic. Please email blog entries to . Send the raw video file using to Or you can upload it to or and email the link to .

2. Create a facebook fan page entitled : "Too much class to show my a** ." This will be a page where you can share tips on how to dress with out showing everything. Many of our young ladies don't know  because the parents do the same thing... This page will be a motivational page for our young ladies. Share videos, inspirations, internships, etc. When finished please email links to and make me an administrator as well...

3. Share this opportunity with friends on facebook and on twitter. Please share on twitter using hashmarks #charitytuesday #ff #nowplaying #socent #nonprofit #inspiration #petitions and with your help we can make this a trending topic #tomuchclasstoshowmya**

4. Share our website to friends, follow us @ , and Subscribe to our videos @ , Join us on

5. Sign the petition: to send the message BET and Telemundo to clean up their acts and show more positive and uplifting television

Thank you and we look forward to your help!

Let's Get Our Youth Out The Box!

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