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Join the Revolution: Read it, Spread it, Do it

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Do you even know how important you are to this world? I am sure you have thought of this before. Tell me if this sounds familiar, “I’m only a speck of dust in the wind, a blip on the radar, a wave in the ocean.” Insignificant, would you not say? But do you have any idea what you are capable of?! That wave can just be the one to knock over a ship. That blip can turn out to be a helicopter fully armed and loaded. Heck, that speck of dust can be the one to be caught in someone’s eye. Do not take this the wrong way; I do not want you to hurt somebody, only to help them.

I want you to think of all your friends, the people you hangout with, everyone. Now think of what will happen if one of your friends decides to try something new, crazy, and exciting. What will you do? Will you be the awkward and not try it? Depending on what it is, most people won’t. Now flip that situation. What if YOU started something new, crazy and exciting? You are as much of an influence to them as they are to you. Now, if you pick the right actions, the right choices, your friends will eventually follow your example. And if we can get our whole generation to do something amazing with their lives, what would that be like?

Now here is our problem. Our generation lacks many qualities that are holding us back from our true potential.  The main attribute we are missing is motivation. Am I wrong? We are lazy, plain and simple. Now, I cannot give you motivation. You have to find it. What I can do is enlighten you on what we can do if we find that motivation. Now, what happens when you get a whole group of people to do something? If you ask me, I would call it a revolution. A change that can start a new era in the book of life we are all reading. You may just be a letter. But that letter is a part of a word, which is part of a sentence, hidden inside of a paragraph that is one out of many in a chapter. And there are many chapters in our timeline. If you were to be lost in this book, the sentence wouldn’t make much sense. You are important. However small, we can still make a difference. Want to know what I have to say? DO IT! Just do it! Whatever it is, do it. Of course, as long as it is for the greater good. Find something that is important in your life and pursue it. Do not just say, “Oh, I like doing this and I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” As important as thinking is, it is not the only thing you should be doing. Will you tell your children you thought about doing something with your life, or you found something in your life that you love and have pursued it throughout your life? This is what I mean when I say do something. “Just do it,” as Nike says. That is another thing. We misuse one of our greatest tools.

People use the sayings such as Just do it, YOLO, Carpe Diem, etc. as their excuse to have fun, to party, to live without worries. I believe you should not worry so much about your life and the things that will die when you do, such as money, clothes, anything else you own. It is not as if they follow you after your death. So what will live even after you are gone? What legacy will you leave behind, and who will still remember you? So here is what I am proposing. Use those sayings not as excuses, but as reasons to do something with your life. You only live once, so seize the moment and just do it. Make your life have a purpose so you will live forever, so to speak. You may not be the one to cure cancer, but if you aim high, if you strive to be perfect/the best you can be, then that is better than nothing. You will still end up with something greater than what you had previously. If your life will never be perfect, but will have something greater. The road will be rough, but it is worth it in the end.

That’s another attribute most of us lack, patience. We cannot wait for something to happen. We cannot wait for the results; we need it now! We are all looking for a happy life. However, some of us can’t wait for a happy life to come to us and they are too lazy to make it happy. Those kind of people resort to drugs. They make their lives happy instantly, but the effects eventually ware off. Sure, you can buy more, but eventually the drugs will destroy your life. They create problems at the end of your life rather than the beginning. So it is your choice, die with a rough fall, or go down with a happy ending. Sure, the other road is harder at the beginning, but it is worth it in the end.

Do you want this kind of life? Will you change the world with me? I am not saying only spread the word, but to act on it! YOU have the power to do something. But in order to succeed, here is my advice. You need the three Ps: people, patience, and a purpose. I will use myself as an example.

Who are my people? Anyone who is willing to read this and support it. You need other people for support, whether financially, morally, physically, etc. We are humans. We NEED each other whether you like it or not. If you never ask for help, if you never talk to people, if you constantly push others away, then you will live a very lonely life. If you make a mistake, no one is there to help you. If you are wrong about something, no one is there to correct you. If you are crying about something, no one is there to support you. Humans are not meant to carry our luggage all by ourselves. If one does, then they are carrying the world on their shoulders.  They are carrying all their troubles, all their happiness, everything by themselves. They have no one to share it with. So we need people in order to help us with ourselves.

How long will I wait for something to start? As long as it takes. I am willing to wait all my life for this movement to start. I will be pouring all my free time into trying to get people to do something with their lives. However, it is not just patience for something to happen. You can wait for a job to come to you, but you may waste your whole life waiting. So go out there and find one. I am saying; do not expect money to flow in right away. You need to keep pursuing that job. You need to become the best there is, or at least strive to be. So be patient with the things you want, just pursue it constantly, don’t be lazy and JUST wait.

What is my purpose? I look into the past, into the ancient times, and I see people who were the best because they tried their hardest to be the best. I look at us now and say, “What has happened?” WE NEED TO CHANGE PEOPLE!!! I don’t know if you see it or not, but we are not being the best we can be. We are letting others be that for us. SO DO SOMETHING! Act on it!!! Change for the better of humankind!! We need to change if we are going to be remembered in the future. If we don’t, then we will be thought of as the generation that did nothing.

Now tell me, if you put everything that I have said into a pot and stirred it up, what will you get? If you ask me, I would call this a revolution! A revolution of change, of wonder, of glory!  And it all starts with you. You need to be the best you can be! Go out there, find your talents/skills, and make something of yourself! Make a legacy for yourself! And if you are thinking that I am doing nothing, that I am just barking orders on my fat lazy ass, you are wrong! THIS is what I am doing! THIS is my change! THIS is my legacy. I want to be known as the person who sparked everyone to change. We are the world, and the world is what we make of ourselves.


Now, when you sign this petition, you are saying, “I will change!” By signing this petition, you are signing a contract saying you are GOING to change. And don’t you worry; I am not leaving you hanging. I have created a blog, so you can keep up with the movement and use it to change yourself, to motivate yourself. Thank you for your support.

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