Waive rental fees for groups needing community centers to host events for foster children.

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In Russell County alone, there are over 100 children in foster care.  Children who are in foster care deserve to be surrounded by a community of support and love. Instead of playing with their friends or creating happy childhood memories, they are attending court hearings, adjusting to new foster homes and transitioning to new schools.  This is a heavy burden for a child to carry.  The City of Phenix City/ Russell County can ease this burden by supporting organizations that plan positive, uplifting activities to help foster children rise above their circumstances.  Organizations that need to utilize a community center to host an event for foster children should be permitted to do so without being charged a rental fee.

Recently, the Russell County Foster Adoptive Parent Association hosted a Christmas party for over 70 foster children at The Central Activity Center located in Phenix City, AL. The organization submitted a letter to the City requesting that the $225 rental fee be waived for the event.  The request was denied. Is there any reason why a fee should be imposed on an organization that desires to pour love into a child that is hurting? Let's stop crippling the efforts of organizations that want to make a positive impact in the lives of foster children. Instead, let's stay true to being "Positively Phenix City" and stand behind them by sharing community resources (i.e. facilities) to help them accomplish their mission. 

Alleviating the emotional and physical trauma of these children should be a community effort. Have we lost sight of the fact that "it takes a village to raise a child?"  We need to remember that although these children are victims of their circumstances, we have the power to change this. We have the power to transform victims into victors by coming together and surrounding each hurting child with unconditional love and consistent support.

We have the power to bring positive change to the life of a child.  Join the Movement: Let's create a circle of care for Russell County's foster children!  Show your support by signing this petition. We want to encourage City officials to make community facilities more accessible for organizations desiring to serve and support them.