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Join the fight for healthier, more humanely raised chickens

Industrial breeding has created chickens that grow at a freakishly rapid rate: up to three times faster than just 60 years ago! These huge birds are commonly crammed into dark sheds with little room to move. So heavy they struggle to even stand, many chickens spend much of their lives lying in their own waste. These cruel and unhealthy conditions are bad for chickens, and can potentially increase the risk of chickens carrying dangerous foodborne bacteria like Salmonella.

Switching to slower-growing chickens raised in better conditions means healthier birds, and it’s up to us to speak out. Tell the chicken industry to stop putting profits over welfare—sign the petition today.

Today’s fast-growing chickens grow so large, so fast that many can barely stand. Raised in cruel conditions, they often spend their short lives suffering and sick.

No animal should be forced to suffer, and consumers should have higher-welfare choices at the store. It’s time for the industry to stop maximizing profits at the expense of chickens and consumers. Chickens deserve better, and so do we.

It’s time for slower-growing chickens raised in healthier, more humane conditions.

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