The End Book Deserts Challenge

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Molly Ness
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The End Book Deserts Challenge

Over 32 million American children lack access to books in their homes, schools, and/or communities. Let this document bear witness to our determination to not only speak out against the lack of books, but to take action to address this inequity.

We, the undersigned authors, publishers, and members of the book community

  • stand united in the belief that all children deserve access to books and an inclusive reading culture
  • commit to address book access for all children and teenagers, providing age-appropriate and inclusive resources to under-resourced urban and rural communities
  • believe book deserts are a matter of social justice, as well as a national issue, and by eliminating book deserts and improving book equity, we are setting up our children, and our nation, for a brighter future.


I pledge to become a literacy warrior, donating a self-determined amount of my time, books, or other relevant resources to fight the existence of book deserts. I also challenge [Friend/Colleague/Fighter] to make this pledge.

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