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Join the 1 Billion People Fighting Global Hunger


There are nearly one billion people worldwide living in chronic hunger. One in every seven people will go to bed hungry tonight.

Global hunger is a tremendous problem, but it's one that we have the power to solve. That's why the World Food Programme is calling on one billion people worldwide to get mad about hunger and join the fight to end it.

Sign our petition now and fight hunger with the World Food USA Programme. Together, we can save millions of lives now and build a better future for the next generation.


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One billion people worldwide live in chronic hunger, and I’m mad as hell about it! That’s why I’m
one of the one billion people joining the World Food Programme to fight back.

When one in seven people on the planet can’t feed themselves each day, there’s no more time to wait.
I’m committed to ending hunger now to save lives and make a better future.

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