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SHSAA Openness, Transparency & Accountability: A call for action

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Please join this call for improved governance at Stuyvesant's alumni association, and add your name below.  Join our call to the Stuy Alumni Association to change! Agree to divert donations and cease membership until the SHSAA implements openness, transparency & accountability.

Since July of 2014, alumni spanning many decades have been seeking more openness, transparency and accountability from Board of the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association (SHSAA). A Facebook group of supporters and interested parties, Concerned Stuyvesant Alumni, has over 300 members, and our last petition seeking reforms was signed by over 350 Stuy alumni.

After countless patient hours of effort, the Board has failed to make any material changes.  

That's why we are now asking for alumni support for a call to stop supporting the SHSAA in any material way until it implements reforms.  We want alumni to divert their giving to the school to other organizations, like the Stuyvesant Parents Association, and to refuse to pay SHSAA membership dues until it implements basic reforms like meaningful elections, financial transparency and effective management.  We make this call with a heavy heart, but we feel there is no other way that Stuy alums have to affect change from a board that is hostile to those it seeks to serve and deaf to its constituents. 

Some background:

After all other efforts failed, the core group of Concerned Stuyvesant Alumni agreed to take a step none of us wanted--request the resignation of SHSAA leadership or face an organized and public request to divert support to other Stuyvesant organizations, like their Parents Association.

Since our hand delivered letter to the SHSAA directors and trustees at the board meeting of March 8th, efforts at coming together in the best interest of the Stuyvesant community, alumni, students, school have gone unanswered by the SHSAA. SHSAA Directors have isolated and propelled the resignation of dedicated members of the Board-- including a major donor--and they have turned down a request to meet and confer with fellow alumni. Most recently, they summarily expanded the board AND adopted a candidate slate without meaningful notice and comment. 

A few other specifics that describe the culture at SHSAA:

  • Supportive and engaged Directors whose work has benefitted Stuyvesant have resigned from the board, apparently out of sheer frustration.
  • Directors who might choose to provide support through channels other than SHSAA-- such as via direct, private donations, or through a club or the PA-- are somehow found to be in breach of duty.
  • SHSAA episodic communications make it impossible to know whether stated Board policies, for example whether "give or get" requirements are being observed, or what explains the recent downward spiral in membership. 
  • Board membership criteria are applied inconsistently, contingent on generosity in some instances, boardroom connections in others, and only rarely on commitment and initiative to provide quality services to alumni. The Board seems to believe the path to expanded membership and resouces lies in a fundraising strategy based on coercion, pressure and exclusion.

In many ways, we're exactly where we were three years ago, with an unrepresentative Board. We encourage YOU to:

  • Sign this petition today to show your interest in a better alumni association
  • Join other concerned Stuyvesant alumni at the SHSAA Annual General Meeting on May 3rd where we will address the Board, their failure to respond in meaningful ways to the membership, and formally announce the start of a diversion of funds to other organizations that directly benefit Stuyvesant High School. 
  • Visit or the CSA FaceBook group for more information.

Let the SHSAA know that we expect them to live by the values we learned at Stuyvesant--democracy, service, and excellence.

Today: CSA is counting on you

CSA ConcernedStuyAlums needs your help with “Join our call to the Stuy Alumni Association to change! Agree to divert donations and cease membership until the SHSAA implements openness, transparency & accountability”. Join CSA and 224 supporters today.