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Join Kevin Bacon and Do Some Good - Get $10 For Your Favorite Cause


Kevin Bacon has a special message for the community. The holidays are coming up, and Kevin's organization,, is partnering with to spread some good in the world.

All you have to do is sign this pledge to do good, right now, and Kevin's organization will send you a Good Card worth $10, no strings attached. 

What's a Good Card? It's like a gift card, only you get to redeem that card to over a million charities on You get to take the Good Card we're going to send you and give the $10 on it to a cause you care about. Use it to fight a disease that somehow affected your family. Or give it to the animal rescue around the corner. Or help a local homeless shelter feed a few more people over the holidays.

Together, and are putting the power to make a difference right in your hands. Sign the pledge, will send you a $10 Good Card, and then you get to put that Good Card toward your favorite cause.

You can even give a Good Card to someone you care about. Good Cards make a great gift for friends or family – they’ll get to do good with it, too.

We want to give thousands of these cards to people who sign this pledge on and they in turn get to go home and donate to over a million US-based charities.

Join Kevin and sign the pledge to do good right now, and your Good Card will be on its way. started this pledge with a single signature, and now has 5,784 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.