Join hands to recognize Mount Carmel Dwarka

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We have received a formal notice from the Government of Delhi de-recognizing our school w.e.f. April 1, 2019 on the grounds of the fee hike in the academic year 2016-17 without prior permission from DoE, and here is why everyone of you who are somehow related to the school must stand up for your own school's basic recognition -

Firstly, it is the effect on the people involved; not just the authorities but the students enrolled, the teachers, and all the staff.

Mount Carmel has always provided a promising future to its students since 47 years with a good reputation. It has low fees and transparent transactions as compared to the other private schools in dwarka, and that is precisely why students struggle for admission here. Considering the idea of graduating from a great school which is just officially de-recognised, it is the value of the students' degree at stake. It is our admissions in colleges at stake, and the respect of being a Mount Carmel Alumni at stake.

In addition, the situation is even more crucial for teachers over the age of 40 working in the school who wouldn't get permanent jobs in a desired setting if they are compelled to quit the school. It is also the attachment of teachers to the school working here for years including my father who has been working here for two decades now.

Coming to the reason for why such a situation arose - a fee hike . For the academic year 2016-17 the school did increase the fee . However at the same time,
Mount Carmel became the first school to release the 7th CPC to its staff and implement the same, including payment of arrears in the year 2016. The entire amount raised was utilised for the same.

However, These are internal matters of the school; something more important for the authorities to take care of. What really concerns me as a student is that just one parameter cannot and should not make the entire school shut down.

Few parents did have complaints. Many parents however, do not. Such matters are common in the society and can be resolved by simple negotiations rather than releasing the news of de-recognisation directly in the media a week before we were actually formally notified by the government. This is plain defamation for no reason at all . We want such matters to be solved more effectively without radical actions that play with our lives.

Considering all this, many of us, the students, feel it is unfair to the school. We do not claim any legal insight into the issue but simply stand up for what is important to us. Therefore, we request everyone to try to get as many signatures on this petition as possible of whosoever wishes to stand up with us to get back our school's recognition, and solve matters and not aggravate them .

This petition goes to our chief minister and deputy CM and can prove integral in getting our school back given your support.

Now it is all up to you.