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Petitioning Florida Governor Rick Scott

Join America Ferrera and Fight Florida's Restrictive Voter Registration Laws


Some people think that voter profiling only hurts Latino voters and other groups that usually targeted by anti-voter rules.  

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott has a plan to purge up to 180,000 voters from the rolls. One voter, 91-year old World War II veteran Bill Internicola, is an early victim of the effort. And if we don’t take action now, he won’t be the last.  

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Bill now lives in Florida, where he’s just been unfairly purged from the voter rolls. The letter he received from the Broward County Board of Elections gave him 30 days to respond with proof of citizenship.  

Apparently, Bill’s history of service as an American citizen is no longer proof that Bill can vote and have his voice heard in our political process.  

If voter profiling like this can happen to someone like Bill, it can happen to anyone of us. That’s why I’ve partnered with Voto Latino to launch America4America, my campaign to push back against shady laws like this one, and make sure that every voter has a voice in November.  

Bill’s story isn’t unique. But it is living, undeniable proof that these laws have real consequences, and when concerned Americans like us raise the alarm, we’re not crying wolf -- we’re crying foul.  

Florida officials from both parties have voiced concerns about the validity of the data being used to issue letters like the one Bill got. Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry said on an MSNBC interview that the purging would continue, even though “...there are certainly some issues with the data.”  

November’s elections may feel far away, but we have to act now to fight unfair rules wherever we find them, and make sure voters know about the laws that could take them out of our political process.  

Stand with me and Voto Latino: Sign this petition, demanding that Florida Gov. Rick Scott stop this unfair process immediately, and make sure that every American voter can have their voice heard in November.

Letter to
Florida Governor Rick Scott
In America, registering to vote is every citizen’s right. And working to grow our democracy shouldn’t come with threats of huge fines and jail time.

Latinos and young voters could determine the outcome of the 2012 election in Florida – and across America. So why would people be making it harder for those voters to be part of the process?

That’s exactly what’s happening in Florida, where a new law targets voter registration organizations and volunteers, and threatens them with extreme punishment if they fail to meet the unreasonable demands of these rules.

Volunteers are now required to jump through bureaucratic hoops to donate their time to voter registration drives. Even worse, the law makes volunteers legally liable if registration forms aren’t returned within 48 hours of completion – with a punishment of up to $1,000 per registration form, and even felony charges.

These burdens are so intense that many voter registration groups, including the League of Women Voters, have shut down their operations in Florida. It’s no surprise that in the months after the law was passed, 81,471 fewer Floridians have registered to vote than in the same period in 2008, according to the New York Times.

The Voting Rights Act was designed to protect Americans from these kinds of rules. Thankfully, the Department of Justice has launched a full investigation. But we can’t sit around and wait for justice. For all Americans, the prices of inaction is way too high.

I'm standing against Florida’s un-American voter registration law. I urge you to issue a stay of enforcement against these extreme restrictions, and let volunteers keep working to register voters and grow our democratic process.

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