Don't allow these drug companies to get away with ruining the lives of thousands of women

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Transvaginal mesh implantation procedures have been used for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence associated with childbirth or hysterectomies. However, the mesh implanted has caused hundreds of thousands of women to suffer from severe health problems and excruciating pain.


Surgical mesh was never approved for use transvaginally.  Nonetheless, manufacturers began marketing the synthetic devices as treatment for pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence associated with childbirth or hysterectomies.  In the 1990s, despite clear early indications that vaginal implantations would result in severe complications, the manufacturers began marketing them for transvaginal use.    

Complications following surgery have proven life-altering for many victims. The material tends to erode through the vaginal lining, causing nerve damage and severe infections. In many women the pain is so problematic they lose the ability to sit down for long periods or to urinate without a catheter.  Many find they can no longer have intimate relations without enduring severe pain. Tragically, it is difficult if not impossible to fully remove a mesh once it has become embedded in the walls of the vagina, leaving victims with no recourse but to live in constant pain. 

In the UK more than 800 women are taking a stand against the NHS and the manufactures and pursuing legal action. BBC News published an article detailing some of the stories of affected women that you can find here:

We’re asking for your help to stop these drug companies from promoting mesh for transvaginal use.

Women who have had a mesh procedure or corrective surgery and have suffered through traumatic, painful side-effects can find out more information about this important issue at