Johnson County Commissioners to require face masks at all public places.

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** Update**  We ask the Johnson County Commission to uphold the Kansas Governor's mask mandate in its entirety.

Across the metro and in many other cities nationwide we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases. Why wait until the increase overwhelms our hospitals and costs lives to act?

A study recently published by Health Affairs "provides evidence that states in the US mandating use of face masks in public had a greater decline in daily COVID-19 growth rates after issuing these mandates compared to states that did not issue mandates."

We call on the Johnson County Commission to require all Johnson County businesses and government offices to require face masks while indoors.

Acting now will prevent future stay at home orders and help keep our businesses filled because patrons will feel safe. This action is in the best interest of our citizens and the business community.

Please ask the Johnson County Commission to enact a policy before it's too late.