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The rampant crime being committed against JHU students and affiliates on campus and in the patrol area is not only out of control but unacceptable.  The crime log for Homewood Campus alone, for the current academic year from August 10, 2017 to October 11, 2017, shows 26 armed robberies, thefts, a/o assaults on students and affiliates of JHU. This is an outrage. Our students are sitting ducks at this rate.  

Over the past few years, JHU has said that it has increased its security measures, but clearly it is not working.  You must re-evaluate the effectiveness of your "uniformed" campus security guards, campus police officers, and time/locations of the off-duty Baltimore PD.  Consider re-directing some resources to hiring a private security company equipped with dogs. Consider providing more on-campus housing for upperclassmen seeing that the existing residential areas have fewer incidents as it stands.

Our students deserve better.  Our students deserve to have an enjoyable college experience without fearing for their safety every day, at all hours of the day, whether alone or with a group.  One would expect that with the exorbitant cost of tuition security would be top-notch, but it is far from it.

We demand more from you, Pres. Daniels, and more from an institution like JHU.  We demand real change, not just rhetoric.  We demand safety for our children.  Our tuition dollars can easily go to another well-regarded school of which there are many.  Please Make Safety Your #1 Priority.