“Johnny Depp deserves his work back”, “If Amber Heard has it”, rules must be applied equal

“Johnny Depp deserves his work back”, “If Amber Heard has it”, rules must be applied equal

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Why this petition matters

Started by Daphene Prasanth


Request Disney to Reconsider Johnny Depp, please vote guys if you agree to it :) your voice and votes matters , every vote makes a change 

Since few days the social media was swarming in with #johnnydepp and #amberheard  #defamation  trial, I watched and followed most of its sessions even the one today and thought of writing down on a subject that stirred my thought seeing this trial / This write up has no correlation with the trial or any Influence of my fanside as I like both of them equally . Johnny as my favourite epic character  #jacksparrow and Amber’s performance in #Danishgirl as #Oolapaulson is something commendable . This is just my views on what I feel about the #generic  misconception that only #women can be an victim of abuse .

A #man can be #victim  of domestic violence and #abuse  too �


✏️Why do we fear to say this truth and hide behind the veil , is it the hostility against men or the ego centric stigma that men are the #abusers
✏️Well then , I would like to put across my thoughts on this and this is not in relation to this one case as it is yet to be proven but for all those men out there who are the #victims  and to be heard impartially

✏️Women do verbally and #physically  assault men, yes it does happen , and it’s not only self protection but with intention to hurt and cause harm

✏️A woman has the privilege to talk it out and vent herself on a man's shoulders and laugh with her friends about it and humiliate him, yes this happens .
Do you think it’s fine ?

✏️A woman can cut off a man's finger tip in a heated argument and engages in physical altercation and yet no one gives a heck about it. Like really ? Why 

✏️A woman can gas light a man into doing things he does not want to do and force him to become aggressive and play a victim later . 

✏️A woman can talk poorly about a man's kids from his previous #marriage  breaking his self-respect and ruining and #tarnishing him in front his own kids and making him show low for the kind of choices he made including herself, should she be allowed to do that ? Who gave her those rights, Just her womanhood ?


✏️A man can be #trauma  bonded into submission and can loose his self confidence . Yes , because he is also a human after all. And it’s surprising to many 

✏️A man can love hard and be fearful of failure and force himself to stay

✏️A man can battle #addictions  but like everyone else, cannot do it alone and will be picked on everything related and unrelated because of a history he had 

✏️A man is judged because he worries how the #accusations will affect his children, family, etc. Why can’t he ? 

So finally I affirm that �


In this case let the justice be served and truth shall stand out . But the fact that domestic violence and abuse can only happen to women is what we need to change, it can happen to any one irrespective of any #gender  

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!