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Women should get paid the same as men in sport

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Currently female athletes are being paid outrageously less than their male counterparts. Statistics show that physically a man is better suited to athletic activities, this is due to their greater muscles and hearts and an all round better build suited to sport. However,  women in sports are working just as hard, if not harder to achieve the same results as men. For example, if a male and female were to run 100 meters in 11 seconds, the male would use 90% of their energy whereas  the female would use 100%.

A person cannot control how they are born, man or woman. But these dedicated, hard-working women are out there everyday, trying their very hardest and are still not viewed as equals to men. Equal pay will impact all female athletes dramatically as they can truly be able to become professional athletes. Something currently out of their reach as most are only classified as semi-professional.

So please help us, sign this petition and make your mark on this issue. 

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