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We, the undersigned, are opposed to the erection of a telecommunications mast on Potten End Playing Field and we call on Hertfordshire County Council, Dacorum Borough Council and Nettleden with Potten End Parish Council to:

  • Reject the proposed plan to erect a telecommunications mast on Potten End Playing Field.
  • Fully consult with local residents on other possible sites for the erection of a telecommunications mast in the Nettleden with Potten End Parish.

We believe the addition of a mast on Potten End Playing Field will be a scar on this important community landscape which is used by Potten End C of E Primary School, Potten End Cricket Club and many other local people for sports and recreational purposes.

Spencer Holland bequeathed Potten End Recreation Field to the community in the 1930’s and covenants were put upon the land to protect its use for present and future generations of the local community.

Key details of the covenants set out are:

  • Paragraph 2 says the Parish Council will not at any time use the property hereby conveyed or any part, or permit the same to be used, otherwise than in accordance with the conditions and stipulations set out in the Second Schedule.
  • The Second Schedule says that the Parish Council shall maintain the property as a playing field and recreation ground under and in accordance with Section 69 of the Public Health Act 1925.
  • Clause 5 of the Second Schedule says: the property should not be used in any manner which shall or may be or grow to be a nuisance or annoyance to the Grantor (or the owner or owners of for the time being of his adjoining property) or to the neighbourhood.
  • Clause 6 of the Second Schedule says: the property shall not at any time be used otherwise than for the purpose hereinbefore mentioned
  • Paragraph 2 says: no noisome or offensive trade or occupation shall be carried on upon the land

We believe the erection of a mast on the playing field goes against the spirit of the conveyance of this land from Spencer Holland to our village.  We believe a mast would directly contravene the covenants put upon the land to protect its use as a playing field and recreation ground, free from any use or offensive trade that would become a nuisance to the neighbourhood.

We believe that locating a mast on a sensitive space used by Potten End C of E School children for P.E, children’s sport, recreation clubs and children’s free play is inappropriate when there is already a mast located on adjacent land and there have been 11 other possible sites identified by Shared Access in the Parish, with many located away from recreational areas.

We believe the Parish Council of Nettleden with Potten End have knowingly ignored the above information and we are concerned of the continued disregard to opposition for this mast site from:

  • 42% of households responding to their survey on the issue
  • Potten End C of E Primary School
  • Potten End Cricket Club – Seniors and Juniors
  • Residents present at their public meetings
  • The majority of members of the public present at the Public Consultation meeting held by the Parish Council on 6 November 2017
  • Residents present at the public meeting held by Pegasus and Shared Access on 27th September 2017 at which the Parish Councillors were present.

We believe the Parish Council, having voted IN FAVOUR of this first mast site proposal on April 19th 2018, have in effect STOPPED further investigation into other Parish sites that could better protect the interests of its residents.